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Words are Our "Frenemies"

We use words every day.  We read them, write them, say them, think them, and even sing them.  We can use our words as a means of support or as a tool of destruction.  993 more words

Self Love

Erase "Work-Life Balance": Change the Conversation (With Yourself)

Yesterday my daughter described a disagreement she was having with a friend at camp. She exclaimed that her friend’s idea was “so stupid!” I remarked that her words were not very descriptive of the point she was trying to make and rather likely to stir up anger in her friend, making things worse. 733 more words


Intermediate First Day

Inverted tucks are the bane of my existence.

But I already knew that: inverting was the reason I started taking classes from someone other than Catherine. 231 more words

Aerial Silks

Knowing and Doing Better

Often you know that there are things you can do to have a better outcome in a particular situation but you lack the motivation.

Take your end goal and visualize your life with that goal accomplished. 172 more words

Mayah King

Baby Steps

There is a steep learning curve when arriving in a new place, whether one speaks the language or not.  Every place has its own set of systems, many of them innately understood by the locals, yet, not readily apparent to visitors.  1,091 more words


Our first fantastic month as a family of four...

So the ‘Babymoon’ – a daft word but it seems appropriate right now – has finally come to an end. Last week saw Daddy going back to work and the routines of everyday life beginning to resume after three lovely weeks all together. 1,033 more words

Baby Bookworm