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Baby Steps to Baby’s First Steps

So she hasn’t even started to crawl yet, but it’s never too early to start working on “the walk”. Right? Right.

Avery is great at getting her legs up under her, but she’s still not sure what to do with her arms. 354 more words


Lessons in Becoming Unstuck

For my artist date this week, I went out on my own today, taking the bus to a place I have never been, to a place where I have never gone alone, and met new people. 625 more words


Baby Step #13 ~ Increase Current Exercise

This is a God-thing for me. I need to be inspired to move forward, but thankfully, I feel like He does give me vision and excitement about certain exercises or ways to play, that will get my heart rate up and moving that lymph system. 15 more words


Baby Steps Episode 3

The Contest is a Fight

Seems like this sports series’ Kageyama is quite a jerk as well, but all well intentioned. Not to say we don’t have some actual jerkitude as well. 824 more words

Baby Steps

I Ate Fish!!!

Yeah, check out the title. It probably doesn’t seen like a huge deal to most, but I haven’t eaten “meat” in about 16 years. So eating fish is a BIG deal. 353 more words

A Little Of This A Little Of That

Manga Monday: Baby Steps by Hikaru Katsuki

This week we are going over my most recently read Sports series, Baby Steps by Hikaru Katsuki. It just started an anime adaptation in the last two weeks, but if you are like me and are intrigued by the plot and want more the manga is amazing.  325 more words