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Interview with a Mommy Group Expert

Hey there! Well, here’s an video snippet of an interview I conducted for a mini-documentary I’m putting together about Mom Groups. As an up and coming baby-mommy-to-be in a new town, I was interested in meeting new friends and I thought I would start with other baby-mommies. 32 more words

Baby Stuff

Would You Trust Government And Food Safety?!?!

Look what our U.S. government is doing to the safety of our well being.  Instead of protecting us from harm and keeping us healthy, they pump foods with hormones and biogenetic creations.   945 more words

No Time To Juice... Here's What You Do

Juicing is a great way to add raw greens and fruits to your food intake.  95% of the vitamins and enzymes our bodies need are found in the juice of raw fruits and vegetables. 283 more words

Stop! Give me 10!

One of the main complaints I’ve heard from moms is their lack of ability to work out with any regularity. Maybe for 2 months they can get into the gym, but then there’s a schedule change, another activity added, someone is teething… It seems like a wrench gets thrown into workout plans a lot. 422 more words

Can I also say?

I’m almost at ten weeks. That feels incredibly good because I’ve had a tiny, lingering fear of miscarriage or something else going horribly wrong. The “safe zone” is between ten and twelve weeks as far as when its safe to tell others. 71 more words

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