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Crochet: The Country Women's Association & An Owl Hat

So on Thursday evening I did something I never thought I would do. Indeed, it had never even crossed my mind that I would not do it, that’s how much I thought I would never do it. 343 more words

Baby Stuff

Would you please sit your butt down?

Um no thank you.

Ike is a very busy baby.  Like constantly, even when he’s dead tired and his eyes are drooping, he is still on the move. 364 more words

Bumps, Bruises and Headers

I am not a bad mom.

Seriously. I actually do pretty well, considering that I had no siblings, no geographically close cousins, and I didn’t babysit but a couple of times as a teen. 520 more words


Breastfeeding Milestone

My breast milk was late to come out to begin with. The evening of the third day Bundles finally managed to taste my milk. Before this, I had to give him formula. 245 more words


Afternoons At The Greenburgh Nature Center

Today, Luna gathered the fallen leaves from a nearby tree that the goats and sheep find very tasty!  We figured out a fun system for Luna here, goats and sheep eat leaves and chickens eat the grass… Even though, you’re NOT suppose to feed the animals….   104 more words

Boy, oh BOY!

Ps. How strange is it that my last post is about a juice cleanse and now I’m posting about baby gender. What a time warp! 142 more words

Baby Stuff

Baby weaning

I had always vowed not to be an uptight mum when it came to weaning my baby. I had visions of giving her bites of my food from my plate, a lick of my ice cream on hot sunny days in the park, but weaning my little ludoo was a bit of a stressful task. 376 more words