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Yesterday was not so good. Lately has been not so good. I’m finding myself getting too honest with my staff about things yet I’m finding it equally satisfying to not have to hide behind a smile all the time but to actually let them understand the reality of what is going on. 483 more words

Baby Stuff

birthing another bean, part 4

We walk calmly up to the L&D desk–i quip to bobby that I hope we don’t get the mean admissions lady again. I look behind the desk, and it is a very nice lady instead. 578 more words


Another bean- Part 3

4:25am: So, we get in the car. I had a rice sock because my hips were achy. Bobby and I were chatting about various things on the way: what did we pack? 383 more words


The birth of our 2nd bean, part 2

So, around 1:20am, I didn’t feel comfortable sitting in my glider anymore. I wasn’t moaning in discomfort. Honestly, I felt like I needed some ibuprofen, a warm shower and a heating pad. 733 more words


Redemption-The birth of our 2nd bean, Part 1

Around this time of year (Easter), we are reminded of the Redemption of the Cross and the giving of new Life in Jesus.

I find this very fitting, since, I just had a new baby, our 2nd son, Jon Luc. 325 more words


Luna's Healthy, Happy Easter Basket

Happy Holidays!  I love, love, love Eco-kids.  They have great organic, plant based ingredient products.  I used eco-eggs for our Easter egg dying – Luna’s is safe from toxic dyes and eggs are beautifully colored! 95 more words

Hair bow holder

This is my first attempt at making a hair bow holder. My cousin is having a little girl in June and has a Minnie Mouse theme for the nursery. 533 more words

Baby Stuff