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Golden Paw and a Published Baby Sweater

Another night of destruction for Yarn Rascal. His second Gold Paw award in as many days.

He is truly nocturnal and I am losing the struggle to turn him into a normal dog. 327 more words


How I Feel

So much is going on that it will take more than one post to tell it all. But first up, a little aside. Yarn Rascal won another Golden Paw Award! 146 more words


My first sweater and why I want schematics

OK, this isn’t my first attempt at a sweater, but it will be the first I finish, by gum! It’s for my grand-nephew. The first in his generation. 772 more words


Baby Sweater in the Bath

I’m a proponent of full immersion blocking. In my mind, steam or a spritz just doesn’t give yarn the chance to “bloom” in the way that a good soak does. 172 more words

Saltwater Hill Knits

Another Baby Sweater Completed

The two-for-one baby boy sweater is pretty much done. I need to sew in one sleeve, obtain the buttons, sew them on, block the sweater and fini! 299 more words


Baby greens

It’s baby season, it seems – everybody’s popping one out. The last couple of weeks saw me furiously crocheting to finish up this cardigan for my step-aunt’s new child. 176 more words


The road to [knitting] hell is paved with good intentions

I have been knitting a baby sweater for weeks.

It is not a hard baby sweater, or an Elizabeth Zimmerman baby surprise jacket, there are no color changes or cute lace motifs.   230 more words