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Monster Baby Sweater

It’s been a while!

Life has been super busy with studies and work, but I still love to crochet and sew when I can. Sometimes I need it to relax and to keep my brain healthy! 42 more words

Baby Sweater

Blush baby sweater

Andrea’s hand knit baby sweater, in cotton, with vintage buttons. For babies 6 months to a year, this little item is machine washable, tumble dry. Talk about easy care!

What Do You Mean You Don't Understand?

Sometimes TMI is a good thing especially when it comes to directions. Often important pieces of information are missing for the audience reading or listening to the directions.   933 more words

Notes From The Teacher's Desk

Knitting for Tiny People

I have not knitted much clothing in my short knitting career,  but recently decided to give a baby sweater a try! Plus, knitting for tiny humans is so much easier than the full-sized ones. 111 more words

Craft Masterflash

Finished it Friday: The projects that I leave behind

I have to be honest, here. Sometimes, I start a project with so much gusto and excitement that I plow through… most of it. I’ll get to the end with just a couple of steps to finish to be done with the project and I’ll go to pick it up one day and just be utterly disgusted with it and not want anything to do with it. 592 more words