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1960s Girl's Smock

This is the prototype so far unblocked. One pocket needs to be sewn on, the other pocket needs to be ripped out and re-sewn. The Nehru collar’s facing needs to be smoothed out which may happen when I block the whole thing. 276 more words


to state the obvious...

1. babies are tiny:

(I swear to god, that sweater was “newborn” size)

2. Freshly neutered kittens hate elizabethan collars

(not only did he throw himself around and around to wrestle this thing off, it’s full of bite marks.) 21 more words


A Snowy Day

A dark, snowy day here is not conducive to picture taking. I meant to snap some shots of the 1960s girl’s sweater. Both sleeves are completed, Nehru collar done and one pocket is in place. 200 more words


Crocheting Knitting Seams

Progress continues on the 1960s girl’s sweater. Last night I crocheted the sleeve to the sweater. That’s right, I didn’t sew it, I crocheted it. I love the perfect way sleeve meets sweater when it’s crocheted together. 427 more words


Yarn Rascal Love

Yarn Rascal has been in full rascal mode these last few days. Hence, when the new lace yarn from Dream in Color arrived it immediately went on top of the armoire in its unopened package. 394 more words



I totally get why Nero broke out his violin.

Life, in particular Thing 2’s, has gotten even messier. I hate being cryptic, but it’s also something that’s tough to write about when I haven’t fully processed it yet in my own head. 409 more words


Well, It's Been a While...

Only about 7 months since my last post. I’ve definitely been knitting, a little bit of spinning, and lots of adventuring. But no blogging – apologies for that one.   496 more words