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Have Baby, Will Travel

Preparing for our year of gypsydom with an eight month old to think about made all the travel I’ve done by myself seem like a cake-walk. 637 more words


The Baby Travel Bag

With the long haul flight it is often necessary to ensure we carry all the necessary baby stuff we need to ensure our little ones are happy. 494 more words

Baby Change

Car Seats and Baby Coats

Winter is coming.

Growing up in New England, I was always disappointed I could wear my Halloween costume outside of my coat because it was just too darn cold. 197 more words


Melobaby: The Best Solution To Carry Your Baby Changing Kit Essentials

Melobaby is a large wallet made of a strong, washable, fabric designed to hold neatly and functionally a couple of nappies, nappy change cream, 1 body and a slim travel pack of baby wipes. 466 more words


My ‘Baaaaaaa” Animal Neck Pillow

Dear Mummy, you are always on the eternal quest for sleep. To find products to help all of us sleep better, ear plugs for yourself, nose plugs to stop Daddy from snoring, night lights to keep the scary monsters away and the list goes on.  588 more words


Home again, home again

Last week I took a very quick trip home from Florida to Washington! I packed up Teddy and myself in a backpack and a carryon (pretty impressive I think), and we boarded our first plane at 4:30am Florida time and finally, 10 hours later, landed at noon in Spokane. 443 more words

What's time worth?

I’m taking a half-vacation day on Halloween, because BabyFile’s day care hosts a Halloween Parade. It’s the first year he can walk, but he won’t remember any of the festivities. 324 more words

Working Mom