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Commuter Gear for the Mommy Sherpa

I recently upgraded my commuting backpack which I’ve had since I borrowed it in high school from my BFF. I went from a very traditional style to a laptop bag made for women. 283 more words

Baby Travel

Let’s Go… in the Winn-e-bago…

Daddy and Mama had a huge surprise for me the other day—a car that is also a house called a Winnebago. I thought that there were only boxes with wheels called cars for people and giant, giant things called “trucks” that carried lots of things from one place to another. 444 more words

Baby on board

To air travel with a small baby for the first time is to some extent stressful for every mother in the world. I am always afraid to be the couple that has got an impossible baby and is hated by everybody on the plane. 1,212 more words


Of baby carriers: Boba 4G vs. Manduca

I had not imagined that there would be an entire science to baby wearing. I had earlier blogged about baby wraps which are better suited for infancy stages and will now touch on baby carriers. 1,398 more words


Of baby wraps

Every weekend, the hubb and I are out and about doing something related to the house or our baby. Last week was no exception with the Suntec baby fair and we checked out two baby wraps – the Moby and the Boba.  756 more words


Bonjour! ~ Paris Vacation 2014

This month we took our annual vacation, the first since Arya joined our family. We try to visit one new country each year, and this year we chose France. 54 more words

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The road less traveled

Mr. Baby File and I are taking a road trip soon. I’ve done a long-distance drive with him many times before but I’m always anxious about it. 234 more words

Baby Travel