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Wearing Eva

Ok so I’m not the most experienced baby wearer at all, but I love practicing! Before I knew what baby wearing was, I would always see pictures of people having their babies strapped to them in these weird cloth things, I had no idea why or how but I was intrigued, and luckily a friend of mine was one of these “baby wearers” so I went to her for advice and fell I love! 93 more words

While I wait...

Well… I don’t really think baby is coming any time soon.  I think it’s okay for me to hope for around my due date… but most likely not earlier! 662 more words


Twin Mom Superpower: Baby Wearing

Yesterday I attended a meeting for a local baby wearing club with a friend and her baby. As I arrived, I debated whether I should bring in my… 268 more words



If there was one thing to recommend a new mum, it’d be to wear her baby if she can.
I love wearing Zoe. I love when she naps in our Manduca carrier and I can feel her breathing against my chest and smell and kiss the top of her head anytime I want. 77 more words


Why I Wear My Baby: A Dad’s Perspective

Before Avery, my daughter, was born, I knew I wanted to wear her in a carrier. But, I was uninformed about the actual benefits of babywearing, I just thought it would be a cool way to get some extra exercise! 1,053 more words


Babywearing Rocks

I own a Moby wrap and two SSCs (soft structured carriers): the Ergo Performance and the Boba 3G.

I never thought I’d be a babywearing momma, even though I always planned to practice Attachment Parenting. 338 more words

Twin Mom Superpower

Every day while going about my routine with A&L, I have a moment where I think “Oh my gosh, this would be so much easier with one”, or “Wow, did I just ________ with twins, without incident?”. 125 more words