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You're Spoiling Your Baby!

“You’re spoiling your baby by holding her.  She’ll never be independent.”

“You’re spoiling your baby by still allowing an early morning feed. My baby slept for 12 hours a night at four weeks old and never needed to eat. 514 more words

Crushing On:

1. NPR’s Invisibilia Podcast. One word: OBSESSED. “Invisibilia (Latin for “all the invisible things”) explores the intangible forces that shape human behavior – things like ideas, beliefs, assumptions and emotions.” Totally up my alley. 520 more words



This is just too beautiful not to share:

A beautiful reminder of the bond that can exist between a mother (or father actually,
but the story doesn’t quite work that way) and her child. 26 more words


Selecting a Carrier

After all the research I did on the benefits of Baby-wearing I just knew this would be the answer to our sleepless nights. I was determined to find the best carrier for Bean and me. 849 more words

First Time Parent

Fresh Air on a Brisk Day

I have so many saved draft posts that I intend to finish “soon”. It’s similar to how it takes me several attempts to finish emptying the dishwasher. 459 more words

Dynasty Tula Baby Carrier

Tula Name Dynasty Release Date 01-2015 Release Country Worldwide Exclusive? No Discontinued? No (as at 01-2015) Where can I buy this Tula? Please check Find Me A Tula… 47 more words
Baby Carrier

I "SPOIL" My Bubs & I Love It!!

I carry him where ever I go (yes, even at home).  When he is not carried and I hear crying, I tend to him immediately, AND YES, he even sleeps in our bed!!   160 more words

Baby Wearing