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Of baby carriers: Boba 4G vs. Manduca

I had not imagined that there would be an entire science to baby wearing. I had earlier blogged about baby wraps which are better suited for infancy stages and will now touch on baby carriers. 1,290 more words


Of baby wraps

Every weekend, the hubb and I are out and about doing something related to the house or our baby. Last week was no exception with the Suntec baby fair and we checked out two baby wraps – the Moby and the Boba.  756 more words


Baby Wearing to the Rescue!

I was introduced to the concept of baby wearing when my first was a week old.  This awesome lady brought me a meal, and somehow that came up, and I’d never heard of it before, so we talked about it a bit.   707 more words



DIY no-sew baby wrap.. As comfortable as the Moby Wrap that I have but much quicker to put on!


The sad tale of the latte that wasn't meant to be

Grocery day. The lowlight of my week, every Tuesday it shows up unannounced yet again. This particular Tuesday, I have been procrastinating running errands all morning, so it’s nearly lunchtime by the time Baby Girl and I even make it to the shops. 1,245 more words


A Day at the Orchard

My heart is so full right now. I just had the best morning with my boys, and I can’t stop smiling. I told Hub I was in need of an adventure this weekend, especially since we had spent the last few weekends at home getting ready for J’s birthday party. 360 more words


Adventures in Babywearing: The Forward Facing Debate

I’m bound to piss off a few mamas with this one. Ever since Ergo launched the 360, babywearing debates have been popping up around the web about whether or not it is okay to ever have a baby facing forward in a carrier. 683 more words