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If there was one thing to recommend a new mum, it’d be to wear her baby if she can.
I love wearing Zoe. I love when she naps in our Manduca carrier and I can feel her breathing against my chest and smell and kiss the top of her head anytime I want. 77 more words


Why I Wear My Baby: A Dad’s Perspective

Before Avery, my daughter, was born, I knew I wanted to wear her in a carrier. But, I was uninformed about the actual benefits of babywearing, I just thought it would be a cool way to get some extra exercise! 1,053 more words


Babywearing Rocks

I own a Moby wrap and two SSCs (soft structured carriers): the Ergo Performance and the Boba 3G.

I never thought I’d be a babywearing momma, even though I always planned to practice Attachment Parenting. 338 more words

Twin Mom Superpower

Every day while going about my routine with A&L, I have a moment where I think “Oh my gosh, this would be so much easier with one”, or “Wow, did I just ________ with twins, without incident?”. 125 more words


Baby wearing

I remember feeling a little guilty during my baby shower when I asked for and received two different baby carriers, a moby wrap and an ergo.  587 more words

Moby Jobie

i LOVE my moby wrap, and Emi loves it too. Im a full supporter of baby wearing. Keeps her close, feeling safe, and gives her the option to front face, which is great because Emi is more curious than any cat times 10. 34 more words

Life, baby wearing

So, I’m sat here drinking a beer and writing a blog post as i really should be finishing off packing and loading the car up, but it’s struck me that I’m far more prepared than I normally am for a trip. 1,019 more words

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