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The Rabbit Addiction

Rupert is Missing…

These are words that strike fear in my heart. My hands become clammy and suddenly it feels like the room is spinning. My mind begins racing at a hundred miles an hour, where could he have gone?

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cry it out? i think it's time.

So, maybe I spoke too soon.

Simon HAS been sleeping for 5.5-6 hour chunks consistently, but the last few days he has woken up crying 2 times during the second “chunk” and if we go in and replace his paci, he falls right back to sleep. 639 more words


Two milestones in one night, she's spoiling us!

Arabella has been rolling onto her side for about a week now, but nothing more.

Last night she decided to do this!

She learnt to roll back to front! 76 more words

Francesca { 6 days new }

Last week saw little 6 day old Francesca visit the studio with her mum for her photography newborn session. Little lady was wide awake for the whole session, but was so adorable and no trouble at all. 75 more words


Baby H Newborn, Fort Worth Newborn Photographer

This family is just the coolest ever!! I loved meeting them and I loved hanging out with them. This sweet precious Baby H was so good for her newborn session. 38 more words

Open letter to my princess

As i am sitting here today, watching you nap, i can say with all certainty in me that YOU, my doll, are the BEST gift i could have ever received without even asking. 281 more words

A Cutie Cardigan - Ein kleines süßes Jäckchen

My family-in-law has been increased by one little person again. How wonderful! And what a perfect reason to grab the knitting needles and fix up a quick little cardigan. 64 more words