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Pregnant? Baby apps...

For the pregnant mums today:

To keep track on my cycle during pregnancy  I followed a few really handy apps – they kindly reminded me about; how many days to go, the baby’s size, and stories of common experiences at each stage etc. 317 more words


How To Spot And Engage Millennial Moms

I am a proud millennial mom, but not all companies understand me.

Not all companies are aware of a millennial mom’s daily life and how to help improve her busy lifestyle. 412 more words


Week 33 update.
The weeks are going slower, despite people telling me that these weeks speed past.
I’ve been increasingly more agitated at small things and I get exhausted really easily. 275 more words


It’s official. I have a small gremlin type creature hiding out & having dance parties in my belly.
These were from a few weeks ago but I forgot to post them! 508 more words


Bits and Pieces

Baby boy clothes edition!

Okay so I’m not a huge fan of baby clothes with cartoons and pictures all over them, but how could I resist these hungry caterpillar onesies? 368 more words


32 weeks, 8 months pregnant, 9/11/2014
Still feeling tired most days, still feeling the heartburn everyday.
Getting very very excited to meet this little guy. 56 more words