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My response;
If you had arranged for a set time, I would of been more than willing, to arrange that line of communication. You are now intruding into my time, without an invitation. 92 more words


Confessions of a Young Mom -

This blog is completely anonymous. This is a way for me to get everything I’m thinking out there. I appreciate criticism and comments, but PLEASE be gentle!

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Hey, pregnant girl...

Hey y’alls.

In case you haven’t heard, my online shirtless husband Ryan Gosling is now my online shirtless babydaddy, complete with memes.  (Reposted from Today.com) 24 more words

An increasingly desperate Khloe Kardashian turns to Tom?

The authoritative US Weekly is reporting that Khloe Kardashian is desperate to get pregnant.  In a time of her urgent need, will she turn to notorious BabyDaddy Tom to quench her desire. 25 more words

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