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The Sickness Snowball Effect

Living in a house with five people, three of whom are under five, means that, inevitably, when one person gets sick, it snowballs until every… 1,233 more words


The Making of Me as a babygirl and little

I have been thinking about the girl I am lately, and why I want the life I want…. the kind of partner I want.

I have been dating, but off blog for once in my life. 311 more words


A Kind of Love

I’m not quite sure what it is.  The love I have for my sweet baby girl is a feeling I can never successfully describe.  It’s like having permanent butterflies in your tummy, the way you did when you had a childhood crush.   64 more words


Just some Friday afternoon silliness:

Daddy got home early today, around two. We were hanging around on the bed just chillin all cool (cause that’s how we roll). Daddy kept tickle attacking me randomly so, when the opportunity presented itself, who could blame a girl for sneak attacking him!? 304 more words


It has been too long since I have wrote on myis when blog so many things has happen since I last been on here that having time toin write about it right than and there was impossible. 383 more words


Might not inspire Mr M…. but it does ahem, inspire me… :)

And this is art I’d dabble in any day…. plus, see GLITTER!!