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The Whore of Babylon

I stood beside a burned oak tree watching her waving on top of a castle made of lies. She put on that innocent smile, fooling the crowd with her innocent lips spewing only innocent words. 329 more words

A's Tales

Containing Worlds (Redux)

Giving Birth to Worlds
Contained within her being
Her beauty enthrals.

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Containing Worlds (r) by G A Rosenberg

Foglines chapters 5 & 6

And I saw another angel

Fly in the midst of heaven

- Revelation 14:6


I took the Tube to the Blue Coat, on 3rd  and Bloomberg. 1,622 more words


A Stubborn and Fabricated Dream

The city itself lives on its own myth.  Instead of waking up and silently existing, the city people prefer a stubborn and fabricated dream; they do not care to be a part of the night, or to be merely of the world.  

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The Pagan Origins of Easter

The festival of Easter has been celebrated all over the Christian world this weekend in what Christians believe to be the anniversary of Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead. 957 more words

Heppy Acester

When the grim Pilgrims landed on Easter Island they were unprepared for the grim conditions. Many died from radiation poisoning. Others simply disappeared and left nothing behind but bloody clothes and cryptic inscriptions in notebooks. 182 more words