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Babylonian Map of the World

The Babylonian Map of the World, Imago Mundi (c. 600 BCE) is a diagrammatic labeled depiction of the known world from the perspective of Babylonia… 338 more words


14 Fascinating Laws in the Code of Hammurabi

The Code of Hammurabi is an ancient Mesopotamian law code written by Hammurabi, the sixth Babylonian king, around 1754 BCE. The code consists of 282 laws covering constitutional, criminal, contract, civil, and family law. 992 more words

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Babylonian Superstitions and the Modern Equivalents

Babylonia of ancient Mesopotamia, a civilization established over 4,000 years ago, was unrivaled in its superstition. Mythology, religion, magic, and unseen forces of every kind were present in every moment and every situation. 800 more words

Ancient History

Joel Osteen's Lack of Biblical Knowledge

Click here to see the news (it’s in Spanish, use Google Translate if you want to).

The sad news about the biggest church in the state of Texas is the pastor himself, Joel Osteen. 405 more words