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I'm strong because....

I am strong because…

I went to work everyday with what I thought was an empty sac.

I chose to do genetic testing knowing I would likely continue the pregnancy regardless of the results. 592 more words

Easter for the bereaved....hope amongst the hurting

Ask anyone who has lost a child, and they will tell you that holidays are HARD.  Some more than others, but nearly all bring about vivid reminders that a piece of our lives is missing.  622 more words

The “if our baby dies” vacation

Chris and I were leaving one of the many ultrasounds after the oligohydramnios diagnosis.  Still the kidneys looked small.  Again there was no fluid.  The doctor had given us a potential theory on what had happened- an obstruction that led to kidney damage.  583 more words

I’m so sorry, babyloss moms

I look back at some of the people I’ve cared for who have had losses and I feel terrible.  How could I have cared for them better?  908 more words

She's Everywhere

Today Mabel is two months old and I am surrounded by reminders of her.

On Friday Night Lights- the character, Landry, was lamenting about a girl while in the high school band room, saying to a friend he was sitting there trying not to think about the girl.  680 more words

I wish I held her longer

I’m sad I didn’t keep my daughter longer.  I can come up with many reasons why I gave her up when I did.  I was exhausted, literally falling asleep.  416 more words


As we enter this season of spring, I find myself thinking about the seasons of grief, and how they may or may not align with the weather. 291 more words