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Day Twenty One: Relationship

One of my midwives wrote this just a few hours after she delivered Owen. She brought it to us, along with flowers and postpartum supplies for me, the day after we got home from the hospital. 283 more words


Day 21: Relationships

Dear new baby loss friends: I do not know what I would have done never having met you. The ones who comment on my blog, the ones reading, the ones who show up in support group, the ones I email almost daily. 276 more words

A lunatic's anger

Today I am angry. And jealous. But mostly angry.

I am angry at hearing the news that friends of ours are pregnant. Angry that they get to announce their pregnancy without fear or secrets. 206 more words

Day Fifteen: Community

October 15 was the Wave of Light. We lit our candle for Owen at 7pm and left it burning for the rest of the night. 50 more words


Sunday synopsis

Some articles I came across that spoke to me:

How Heaven Can Hurt Grief Work.- believing in an afterlife can help us cope with death, but sometimes spiritual words can belittle our tragedy. 62 more words

Day 16: Retreat

I was fortunate to have Day 16 off from work.  It was rainy most of the day, but the clouds parted eventually.  Save for a few appointments, the rain kept me close to home, the place where I find comfort.   28 more words

Small moment of jealousy

“Oh hey!” I could hear my assistant greet my next patient. “You’re doing it again? How’s the baby?”

They were all smiles and celebrations.

“Great- he’s in the other room! 145 more words