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White roses

“Wow! those are beautiful flowers!” exclaimed the lady checking me out at the grocery store.  I too was surprised that such a gorgeous bouquet was sold at my local shop. 73 more words

I need to stop talking about the furnance

I made small talk as she ran the credit card.

“Weather’s turned cold, huh!” she said.

“Yeah, and our furnace is broken, so we’ve been without heat for the past few days.” I replied, trying to be friendly. 318 more words

Friends who understand

A glorious post by Robyna May about the difference between two types of friends after loss: those who don’t understand, and those who do. An excerpt is below. 305 more words

An Old Diary Entry

My last post about grief anger received mixed responses. I often find it difficult to be told that I need to accept what happened to my daughter, especially from people who have never experienced baby loss grief in particular. 1,269 more words


Sunday Synopsis

What to expect during your first postpartum doctor appointment after loss-  I appreciated this article (though I wish she used “provider” rather than “doctor” but that’s just the midwife in me.)  She mentions how she wishes her doctor had given more emotional support.   235 more words

Reblog: What subtle suggestions feel like

Check out this post by Gretchen over at Lost Boys and Bearings.   It’s raw.  It might be hard to read if you are not of the babylost. 158 more words

So much sadness.

She stared up at the ceiling, eyes welled with tears, while I stared at the screen, searching, looking for anything that would give me better news. 444 more words