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My trail for tears

Our town has a paved walking path, an old railroad track converted into public space. It traverses two other towns right into the nearest city. Walkers, joggers, recreational bikers, dog walkers are common visitors to this path. 482 more words

Sunday Synopsis

When a child dies and another is born… I don’t like this article.  I feel like it is almost critical of those who want to have a child after loss.   169 more words

Baby Bottles

“Do you have any recommendations on bottles?” she asked, her body swollen with it’s second pregnancy well into the third trimester.

I stared at her blankly, not understanding. 289 more words

Letting Go While Still Being Together: New Agey Meditations with my Angel Babies

I have had two pregnancy losses; one, in 2010, a boy at 21 weeks.  The other, in March 2011, at 8 weeks.  Even though I have my beautiful perfect Hannah Zen, I still grieve for my babies.   754 more words


singsong baby voice

She sat across from me in my office.  Clearly excited about another pregnancy, but also distracted by her one year old.  She used that baby voice- the kind that is singsong, the rises and falls of her tone easily grabbing the attention of her toddler. 244 more words

I am not the bad guy

I have a confession. I was not the perfect pregnant woman. Every few weeks I had a glass of wine. I snuck some raw cookie dough and licked the cake batter bowl. 275 more words

Giving Thanks?

While I might be a little slow to joining the crowds, I’m noticing the holiday season is upon us.  If I think about it, I suppose I have seen Christmas decorations up in stores right next to the Halloween displays since October.  852 more words