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BabyLoss: Pregnant Before and After Pictures

I saw this link on my facebook feed. (*warning to the baby loss- photos of pregnancy and newborns*)


if you haven’t clicked, let me tell you: it’s a series of side by side photos with a woman very pregnant next to herself in the same clothes, standing the same way, holding her newborn at tummy level. 498 more words

Our First Night Out

Last week, t’other half and I had our first night out together since the Rainbow had arrived. It was my Christmas present from last year; tickets to West Side Story and dinner beforehand. 424 more words


Good Parenting

I watched the mother parent her child. She was great. She answered my questions through the visit while still keeping her one year old quiet and engaged at the same time. 533 more words

Talking About Owen

Someone asked me how my baby was doing last week. Naturally, it got awkward. I don’t remember meeting this person while pregnant, but apparently she had been training with a coworker of mine and had spent a day at my old office back in December. 802 more words


Stupid things that people say.

I know there are a million and one posts on the internet about what not to say to a bereaved parent. And I don’t have much more to offer, but I thought I would share my personal experiences. 521 more words

My Alter Ego

I was shoving my water bottle and purse in one of the cubbyholes at bootcamp when a tall woman approached me.

“Are you Mallory?” she asked. 606 more words

Lavender Suite at Countess

The Countess of Chester Hospital have recently completed their new bereavement suite, the Lavender Suite. Through our fundraising, we’ve been able to support the Countess by donating items for the Lavender Suite, including bedding and cushions, Ipod dock, wall mounted TV and kettle, cups etc. 53 more words