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Avocados and shopping carts

This has been a week full of firsts for Miri! The biggest of which is that she is now officially crawling. We are trying to keep up with her and baby-proofing. 337 more words


Surprising Safety Hazards in Your Home

When raising a baby/toddler, you have to be aware of every single thing in your home and the danger of it.  Just because it may not seem dangerous, doesn’t mean it’s not.  748 more words


Babyproofing: Week one

It has been a week since I decided to tackle the disaster that is our apartment. In the interest of creating a safer and saner home, I’ve dedicated time every day toward picking up, putting away, throwing out and clearing off. 569 more words

Creating a safer home

The other night I felt an urge to get rid of everything. Everything. I wanted the books, picture frames, files, magazines, souvenirs, change jars and dog toys gone. 431 more words

9 Tips to Babyproofing Your Home

Making your home safe for your baby is an important step in becoming a parent. Many homes contain hazards that are well within reach of babies and toddlers. 828 more words


Mobile technology

This week my life flashed before my eyes: Peeper started crawling!

We went to a play date at a friend’s house on Monday. Her 9-month-old twins were motoring around the house, dodging plush toys and cross-legged adults sitting on the floor as if the living room were an obstacle course. 556 more words