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Baby Proofing Stuff We Bought

I’ve been asked numerous times what baby-proofing products we bought.

Rapid fire I will post the links for these here:

Outlet covers: Munchkin 36 Count Plug Covers… 151 more words


Magnetic woodland animals, unloved

Daphne had taken a recent liking to peeling off and eating our magnetic poetry, so I spent all weekend making baby-safe magnetic woodland animals for her out of felt. 73 more words


On the move!

We have a mover! For the past week baby boy has been mobile. It started off slowly with just a little shuffle forwards and over the course of 7 days he has perfected what I like to call his commando crawl! 237 more words


Babyproofing Shenanigans

So we started babyproofing slowly from the time O turned 6 months old. I wish we’d started sooner. There’s SO much to be done!

We started with the outlet covers. 283 more words



I’m a little bit of a neat freak. I like my things “just so!” All my friends with kids laughed at my house when they came to see Em after she was born. 433 more words


Baby No More

As of today, I no longer have an infant. And according to all of my baby day-to-day apps, I no longer even have a “baby.” Charlie woke up this morning as a one-year-old. 378 more words