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A Literary Tour of NYC

This weekend, under the guise of visiting Friends M and D in NYC (happy birthday, M!), I prepared for myself some literary pilgrimages. 

I met up with Friend D on the Upper West Side, and we went to see…. 693 more words

Blast From the Past

Case study: A rising fifth grader, diagnosed as a reluctant reader, trying to plow her way through the 14-point font of The Baby-sitters Club by Ann M. 535 more words


#26: Get Literary

“…but Tom got into a book, crawled and groveled between the covers, tunneled like a mole among the thoughts, and came up with the book all over his face and hands.” … 1,050 more words

Join the club

I still remember the day my reading life changed forever. I remember the oversized sweater and matching leggings I was wearing, and the teased fringe that sat centimetres above my head, topped only by my outrageously high ponytail. 471 more words


Claudia and the Erotic Phone Calls, Part Three

Chapter 11. Mimi drills Claudia on her multiplication tables. Shouldn’t you have learned this in, I don’t know, third grade? She’s saved by the doorbell. Her neighbors have been robbed, presumably by the Phantom Caller. 431 more words

Children's Books

Nerd: A Personal History

When I became a nerd and when I started to self identify as a nerd happened at different points in my life.  I think on some level I’ve always been a nerd, always been more enthusiastic than others about pop culture, always driven to absorb as much about an artist, show, story as possible. 1,379 more words


Claudia and the Erotic Phone Calls, Part Two

Chapter 6. Claudia tries to be nice to her sister, but is quickly overcome by Janine’s over-explanation. Then she hears on the radio that the Phantom Caller is in New Jersey, which is like, a whole other country. 645 more words

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