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What Books Defined Your Childhood?

When I was young, I always had my nose in a book. And if it wasn’t in a book, I was holed up in a corner with my notebook and a pen, scribbling my latest missive. 639 more words

Blogging Workflow - BookBlogWriMo #9 | M&M Mariam

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been book blogging for 12 years. Which, I know, seems like a LOT! But I started book blogging in high school in 2002 on a writing website hosted by Tripod/Lycos just writing my thoughts before, during, and after reading books like Babysitter’s Club and my favorite Angel books. 654 more words

Ally Carter

Mary Anne Saves the Day (and then hides under the bed), Part Two

Claudia’s grandma, Mimi, opens the door, so this is a Bad Sign. Kristy doesn’t show. Business is stiffly conducted, along with faces made and sarcastic comments. 746 more words

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The Babysitter's Club: The Babysitter's Special Christmas

The show opens with the baby-sitters perusing many different Christmas socks and oohing and awing indiscriminately over everything they pass. Then this bunch of 14-year olds descends upon a mall Santa’s lap, yet oddly it’s they who look like the creeps here—Jessie casually strokes Santa’s beard while he rolls his eyes and gently shakes his head. 544 more words


Mary Anne Saves the Day (and then hides under the bed), Part One

This is book 4 of the Baby-Sitters Club series, told from Mary Anne’s point of view. I must, once again, voice my displeasure at these new designs for the covers. 757 more words

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