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Dawn and the Impossible Three (BSC #5) - Ann M Martin

Dawn Schafer was introduced in the previous book as a new arrival in Stoneybrook, who quickly becomes friends with Mary-Anne. It is this friendship with Mary-Anne that sparks feelings of jealousy from Kristy – who until this point had been Mary-Anne’s (sole) best friend. 382 more words

Ann M Martin

Mary-Anne Saves The Day (BSC #4) - Ann M Martin

Oh Mary-Anne Spier. This is the fourth book in the BSC series and the first one that is narrated by Mary-Anne. . I think she is the character I connect with the most. 371 more words

Ann M Martin

The Truth About Stacey (BSC #3) - Ann M Martin

The Truth about Stacey is the third book in the series, and the first narrated by Stacey McGill. I have to admit of the lead girls, Stacey is probably my least favourite. 332 more words

Ann M Martin

Mashup Monday

This weekend I was like “What if Saved by the Bell” was a book series like The Baby-sitter’s Club? So I decided to make that happen.


Book Nostalgia: 90s kid reading

Every reader has to start somewhere. We all remember the one book that really grabbed our attention and hooked us on reading. For me it was Charlotte’s Web by E.B. 441 more words


On Reading and Guilty Pleasures

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about guilty pleasures. This may be in part due to this month’s Is This a Thing’s theme, “Musical Guilty Pleasures.” What is… 1,061 more words