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Air and Space

Today dawned just as rainy as predicted and the day high temperature occurred just after daybreak and has been dipping to a freeze tonight as the day wears on. 197 more words

Family Time

A Zoo Day

Yesterday was spent in part driving for my week of babysitting the eldest grand. They like us have had a week of beautiful weather and it is delightful to have the windows open day and night. 335 more words

Family Time

Why I Couldn't Have Kids

It’s Spring Break, which means family time in my world. I travel east to my grandparents’ condo in Florida and my family drives south. This year, my uncle and toddler cousins flew from Houston to meet us. 558 more words

Childcare - White Plains

Childcare in White Plains, for an  6 year-old girl. One or two nights a week when she is finished with school, and one weekend day for a few hours. 12 more words

Iona College

Babysitting 101

With less then 3 months to go its time to get prepared for the little one. I never grew up with babies in my family. All my brothers and cousins were all about the same age or older. 269 more words




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My Secret Life As A Helicopter Mom

According to Urban Dictionary, a helicopter mom is “a hovering & controlling, but well-meaning, parent who gets way too involved in her child’s life to the point of doing things that are completely inappropriate, such as personally attending all of little Sweetiepie’s extracurricular activities, writing medium-sized Sweetiepie’s school application essays, and submitting full-grown Sweetiepie’s job applications.” 777 more words