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Instinctual Parenting Inspired by Today's Digital World

If there’s another man that I would like to spend the rest of my life with, that would be Mr. Google. Thank God, he isn’t really a man (not even a real person, duh!) ikahahati talaga ng puso ko. 1,036 more words


Time Either Speeds or Suspends

The interesting thing with multiples is how time is compressed – everything happens with them at fast speed and all at the same time.  Before I know it they are a month and a half, and all I remember of the last month and a half was being in a daze.   426 more words


Made my DIY woven baby wrap tonight. Much more secure than my Moby wrap and quicker, too!


Cave Babies Don’t Cry – Notes on Paleo Parenting

Cave Babies Don’t Cry – Notes on Paleo Parenting*

Paleo diets we have all heard of, but what about Paleo Parenting?

Life lately has been a little fractious. 2,069 more words

General Interest

Winter Babywearing 101

Winter is coming! But you don’t have to stop enjoying your outdoor activities just because it’s getting chilly. Babywearing can be a huge part of being active with your little ones this fall and winter. 1,803 more words


Cold Weather Babywearing

The temps are cooling off and winter will be here before we know it. But the cold weather doesn’t have to stop you from being active outdoor just because you have a young baby. 999 more words

Are seahorses babywearers?

Male seahorses have a pouch in which they carry their babies until birth. The female lays the eggs in this pouch. Are seahorses babywearers? Watch the video and judge for yourself! 34 more words