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Sling Myths - published in Juno magazine, Autumn 2014

Sling Myths

Rosie Knowles discusses common worries and myths surrounding babywearing

The first humans carried babies in slings so they were able to travel easily in their nomadic lifestyle. 1,570 more words


How I wash a woven wrap

I happen to only own cotton wraps (for now!) so the process is pretty easy for me. Be aware, however, that different fibers require different care and washing/drying methods. 467 more words


September 2014: Ruck / Rucksack Carry (Tied in Front)

A new month & a new carry, September (already!) and it’s the turn of the ruck tied in front. This was one of the very first back carries I learnt & it forms the basis for a number of carries that I do. 440 more words


Day 1 ~ Flipless Symmetrical HJBC

This week is “Shorties” week. We’ll be trying out different carries using shorter wraps, mostly 3’s and 4’s. To kick off, we’re starting off with a Flipless Symmetrical Half Jordan’s Back Carry.   723 more words


Our vacation handmades

We took a family vacation to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, this summer. I put together matching outfits for the kids. Matching outfits on vacation serve the dual purpose of looking cute (in real time and in photographs) and helping me keep track of everyone more easily! 494 more words


REVIEW: Firespiral Elements Starmap Woven Wrap

I recently had the privilege of hosting & arranging (with the help of some wonderful friends!) a special event, The Amazing Midlands & The North Summertime Slings in The Park Picnic which was essentially a day in the park where people could bring along a picnic, meet up with some like minded people & share their love of carrying their children! 1,040 more words