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Attachment parenting...

In this crazy world in which we live in we have to name everything and make it fashionable… One of the new trending terms for breastfeeding, cloth diapering, baby-wearing parents is CRUNCHY, or attachment parenting… Although these things we do as new parents may make us crunchy these days, haven’t they been around for much longer than these trendy parents seem to realise! 237 more words

Review: Didymos Emerald Turquoise Hemp Indio

Indios are the bomb. One of the oldest styles of woven wrap, Didymos has been making indios of various colours and blends for yonks*. Indio is the name given to wraps with this particular weave or ‘pattern’; a series of squares and circles unique to indios. 446 more words

Baby Wearing in style (and in the cold!)

Don’t get me wrong I looove wraps. I love the way my little munchkin falls asleep so cuddle, and how it fits with such ease in my Jujube BFF diaper bag BUT my little guy is getting so big and even though it is winter I love to baby wear (and he loves to be worn vs stroller), so I am finally diving in and snagging an ergo baby ( currently on sale at Babies R us in Canada with free shipping!). 501 more words

We all Need (vitamin) D

This winter has been more mild than last winter so far. Last year we got snow in October and didn’t stop getting snow until the end of March. 589 more words


Tula-ing at Sleep School

(Tula-ing at sleep school)

Master O was an amazing sleeper when he was born. One of those babies you read about in the baby books but are told don’t actually exist in real life. 753 more words


12 Things I Can't Live Without: #4, 5 & 6

I decided to lump these three things together, because they all have to do with travelling! Everyone knows that leaving the house with a baby is 10 times more stressful than leaving on your own. 656 more words