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Ergo resizing

 Short post about the results of resizing my poopy brown Ergo to a toddler sized ergo. I also leared the finger stitch on my sewing machine and it hurts :(



Living my Bohemian Writer Fantasy (a Couple Months at a Time)

Our house is in escrow. Half-packed boxes are scattered in every room. By all appearances, we are moving. Five years in one house is the longest I have lived anywhere. 543 more words


Slinging In The Rain. And Cold and Wind and Snow!

So recently we’ve seen some grim weather, with lots of rain reminding us that Summer is over and Autumn is marching on!

While the forecast seems to show nicer weather on the horizon, my thoughts have started to turn to the perennial issue of what you can wear when using slings in inclement weather. 2,093 more words


Day 20 - BWCC Sweetheart

Today’s carry is a variation on yesterday’s, but with prettier chest passes.  It goes under your arms and crosses at your chest to look like the sweetheart neckline of a shirt, thus the name.   590 more words


The Wonderful World Of Brand New Stiff Wraps!

I was thinking about wrap care and breaking in new wraps today while I was struggling to wrap with my new Didymos Pink Wool India. It seem to me that if your a new babywearer this is one area that scares you, or you have no idea it should! 563 more words


Day 19 - Wiggleproof BWCC for learners

If you bought a brand new Natibaby wrap and it came with a manual, this was the carry that was at the back of the book.   562 more words


Outdoor Thought of the Day

There’s no such thing as “too young for hiking!”