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Bachelor's Grove ~ The Adventure

I’ve added a recent article from FOX 32 NEWS here, and recommend reading that, or just follow this link if it works….


Now, for my story… 2,151 more words


Her tears on the stone reveal the story's truth... Song 290

290 songs now… only 75 to go…

This is another song inspired by Bachelor’s Grove… specifically about two ghosts that have been reported there. A woman in white sitting on a tombstone, and the cries of the “infant daughter” ghost. 195 more words

Matt Sams

For me, this is life, for you it's a vacation... Song 289

This time of year, I inevitably start to think about places like Bachelor’s Grove cemetery… considered to be the most haunted spot in Chicagoland. Today’s song was loosely inspired by the cemetery. 167 more words

Matt Sams

Top 10 Creepiest Places in Illinois

As we at Mysterious Heartland know, the Prairie State is a very creepy place! Haunted cemeteries, colleges, abandoned hospitals, roads, forests, and schools abound. But what are the most creepy places in Illinois? 2,072 more words

Top 10

Chicago Ghosts: Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery

It’s time for some Friday fun. Since this is the month for ghosts, hauntings and all things Halloween I’m sharing a ghostly story from Chicago Ghosts… 1,199 more words

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