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Sunday Vintage Inspiration: Laundry

Half-way post with Mounties doing laundry, Yukon Territory, 1902-06. Glenbow Archives, Calgary, AB. Note sign above door of cabin that reads “Woman wanted.”

Call me crazy, but I enjoy doing laundry and maybe especially laundry by hand (handknit sweaters, delicate blouses, knitted socks)! 878 more words


Well I guess it’s time for another post. How is everybody doing? How is the job hunting going?

My job hunt has taken a few steps forward, and 900 steps back. 404 more words


I'm Going Going Back Back to COLLEGE!

That’s right! This stay-at-home momma is back to school! But this time things are different… I have more motivation to pass my classes; therefore, I no longer hide in the back of the classroom Facebooking, texting, and dozing off. 396 more words

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Is a University degree worth it? Reality check

This is a bit of a long one but I have tried to include some fun GIFs :)

This is another post where I have read something online and it has sparked an idea for a post! 1,547 more words

FALL 2014 COURSES: Undergraduate Visual Culture

The fall 2014 course schedule includes offerings in several departments for undergraduates studying Visual Culture. Whether you are majoring, minoring, or considering either, the comprehensive list below will be helpful in planning your schedule. 167 more words


The School of Hard Knocks

Life can get pretty difficult, can’t it? The other night, I was thinking to myself about all the trouble I have had in the last two years: having a childhood friendship-turned-relationship shrivel into a cold silence, losing college friends as we all separated and moved off to find greener pastures, having a job that sapped all physical, emotional, creative, and psychological energy out of me, being bullied by a group of church folks who wanted to get rid of my father. 370 more words


Single in the City

I had read a BBC article(not able to find the link now)  which said “Americans are obsessed with movie and rock stars, British are obsessed with football stars, Italians are obsessed with food, French are obsessed with fashion and Indians are obsessed with Marriage!!!” 445 more words