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Bachelor#4: from Payless to Walmart express

Thank God I decided that I was only going to do Tinder for a week. I don’t know what’s up with men on this site, but they seem to be quite desperate for a hookup. 330 more words

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Bachelor #3:Not the droid I'm looking for

By day 3 of my Tinder experiment I have over twenty matches. I’m starting to feel like a circus performer, Phillip, Kyle, Bryan, Ben,etc. (Note names are changed) I’m starting to get the small details mixed up in my head, was it Bryan who was the oldest of three or Kyle? 196 more words

Online Dating

Bachelor #7 : The Charming Chap

Vital stats- Tall, dark and handsome. For real.

Bachelor # 7 was a breath of fresh air after my disappointing stint with arranged marriage meetings. He was witty, ambitious, easy on the eyes and charming as hell! 1,168 more words


Bachelor #6 : The Business Bahu

Vital stats: 29, doctor, big glasses, socially challenged.

My Nani Ma has a large social circle. And all her friends (aged sixty and up) go to atleast one kitty party a month. 784 more words


Thesis Journal Entry Three

It felt as if event was the sculptor of this space. There were a set of stairs of different risers and cut in angles. There were a few double triple the normal, with interesting little shapes extruded from the floor, acting as sitting spaces, there were groups of people sitting around at irregular intervals; some deep in discussion, some just laughing and others in their own little worlds, deep in thought or at work. 513 more words


#1 ~ How To Pass Finals (and not Die in the Attempt)

This year was the first year I returned to University and it felt like home. More importantly I didn’t feel afraid. When I was a naive fresher the journey up the motorway oozed expectant possibilities, but by second year I had become jaded, by third year slightly cynical, yet this year, this fourth year I was pumped, because the end was in sight. 612 more words


Bachelor's Button

This is a blue bachelor’s button in the rain. I used my Tamron Macro Lens and my Canon 60D to take this picture.

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