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Primetime Snack Plate

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Is your favorite show about to come on? Do you have plans to sit, relax and watch that movie you been meaning to get around to on Netflix? 301 more words


Fish Stick Fantasy

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I know what you’re thinking! Fish sticks? Well I’ll have you know that, yes, they are fish sticks, but if you take a little time to dress them up properly, then they aren’t just fish sticks anymore. 417 more words


Welcome to Bachelor Pad Recipes!!

The theme of Bachelor Pad Recipes is quite simple…

Turn Junk Ingredients Into Great Meals! aka – Gourmet Garbage!

Photo Source: Michael Skomsky/bachelorpadrecipes

Bachelors are a special breed of people. 218 more words


Money-Saving Tips for Bachelors

Watch any Hollywood flick with a single guy as the main character and you would have this idea of a bachelor’s lifestyle being all about girls, glitz and glamour. 22 more words


In my spare time, I am a ballet teacher. I constantly find myself encouraging my students – of all ages – and motivating them to “never give up” and to “dream big”.   401 more words

Hello Darlin, How You Doin?

GUYS! I feel like a sellout! Like, ok so! I don’t even know if anyone reads ANYTHING I post on here at all… I don’t really know how to work this website at all, and I really want to learn, but yeah… Basically as of now, all I know how to do is post, but I miss y’all so much! 185 more words


Process Of Selection

In everyday life there are many things in which many processes are done; it can be of many types. From manufacturing to constructions every sectors went through processes. 7 more words