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Practice Makes Pefect

I have accused politicians of spending too much time on their knees and not enough on governance……..but I guess as they say………..”practice makes perfect.”…..

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Whatcha think?


Happy Independence Day!

About three hundred years ago, King George of Hannover and England was murdered and replaced in the timeline by a Catholic relative from Germany.  Replacing the King murdered and replaced his children as well, and his widow, Sophia Dorothea of Prussia and Ciel, went with a Prince from Sweden to get a new heir for the Prussian throne.  1,049 more words

Secure the Border

LA Gov. Bobby Jindal to Obama: ‘Man Up and Secure the Border’ – http://t.co/DasdWCfV7c

— Linda Hines Ensor (@hinesy65) August 10, 2014

If Washington will not secure the border of our country, the state of Texas will.

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Border Crisis

Armchair R-T-R tooling and manufacturing logistics

Last year I posted about Armchair Ready-To-Run designers being an extension of the  term “armchair modeller” that has been used in the hobby referring to those who are vocal in criticism and comment but are sat in their comfy chairs tapping away on their keyboards without actually the processes involved in various aspects of the hobby. 487 more words

Southern Railway

Switzerland [Chapter B]

Snow capped mountains, scenic cities with posh cars, even fancier people sitting in those cars, probably carrying a wad of notes retrived from the nearest Swiss bank, oh and add a sprinkle of cholcolates and viola- Switzerland! 907 more words

Do conservatives like Michele Bachmann help the GOP?

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN), is known for some especially controversial views, especially about gays. This week, she claimed to believe that gays are hoping to apply pressure to “do away with statutory rape laws so that adults will be able to freely prey on little children sexually.” 98 more words

2012 Election