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Among Giants – Back and Forth

Among Giants are exactly the sort of thing I’m trying to describe when I am talking to mates about forming a new band, lying somewhere between Osker (oh please get back together!), Interpol and Andrew Jackson Jihad on the musical spectrum. 391 more words


Jared Evan - Back and Forth

It’s Jared Evan Day here and Kel & Mel and we are going to feature all of his EPs because you deserves good music and he deserves the recognition. 75 more words


Spring Patterns

Spring crochets leaves onto branches,
stippling blue sky with green lace.

Pursed tulips await rain until sunshine
encourages petals to invite sun and bees.

Umbrella in hand, I shade my eyes… 22 more words

Arcs pen sketches

As I mentioned I have been drawing arcs as well as circles. I have been drawing shapes like these as simple mechanical exercises ever since 2010, as from the start I struggled in procuring a smooth curve fast. 262 more words


Do you read the comments on this blog?

Do you know that you can carry on long conversations in the RECENT COMMENTS section?  Check it out?  There are so many issues today. It’s nice to have a voice. Right?


no death = no life

these two are so interseptal that neither world exists without the other – think about what you eat to live. all that we eat is or was alive for it to have been worthy of consumption and transubstantiation into our flesh and bone. 134 more words


Aaliyah Crop Tank


…one of the new tanks we’ll be shooting tomorrow!…keep an eye out or email to order now- shopapplesauced@gmail.com