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Stand Up Straight! Better Posture = Better You!

Growing up riding horses my trainer always wanted my back stiff as a board, especially during competitions. Heels down, head up, shoulders back, and stomach tight! 348 more words

The "Cost" of Back Injury Prevention

It probably doesn’t cost you as much as it is costing Tiger Woods not to prevent back pain injury, but it costs something – often it costs much more than taking care of your back would. 120 more words

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Back ache/Back pain

Backache is a very common malady next only to headache and affects nearly 80% of population.

Most common cause of backache is bad posture which increases strain on discs and ligaments causing fasting disc degeneration and hence backache. 1,283 more words

Back Ache

Exercise to Prevent and Treat Back Pain: The Latest Research

When someone decides to visit the doctor about musculoskeletal pain, back pain is the most common complaint. Sometimes back pain is the result of very specific trauma—a car accident or a slip-and-fall. 514 more words

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Day three: upper back

Having a strong back is as important as having strong legs. We devote two days a cycle to back when we can. 9 more words


Yesterday's back workout

Yesterday I had a great back workout. However there was just a bunch of old men who were sitting around and talking to each other… just staring at me my whole workout. 156 more words


5 Core Exercises using a Wall

Sometimes you just need to think outside the box to keep your *core workouts fresh and exciting. Here’s 5 exercises just using a wall to get your midsection lean and strong: 502 more words