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Baby Got Back!

Abs are one of the most coveted perks of a healthy diet and serious training. There are tons of killer ab routines, core challenges and so-called magic ab-be-gone potions on the market because everyone is after the latest way to get a toned tummy. 531 more words


Lower Back and Hip Mobility for Better Guard

This is great for the guys with hip pain, restriction, lower back pain, and having a problem with guard. OPEN THOSE HIPS!!! Keep in mind while doing these movements, if it hurts it’s because there is an issue already! 161 more words

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

getting to the root of low back pain: Sacroiliac Dysfunction

In previous blogs we have attempted to shed some light on the low back pain that the majority of us experience every day. Unfortunately there are far too many potential causing factors when discussing the matter of low back pathology. 612 more words


Back to the Future"

A lean, strong toned back is something to be admired.

Not only can it be beautiful to look at but when someone has a fit back it is usually a sign that their overall fitness and well-being is at a high level. 971 more words


Doing This Will Decrease Pain & Improve Quality of Life

One of the most beneficial things you can do for your body is exercising your back through strength training. It will decrease and many prevent pain. 460 more words