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Protecting Your Posterior

Over the last few weeks, I have been discussing the importance of incorporating strength training into your workout. I have broken down some “big muscle” exercises giving tips on usage and form. 1,637 more words

New videos!

In this video I discuss my absolute favorite shoulder workouts; the front plate raise, dumbbell lateral raises, and an upright row performed with a kettlebell. I do most of these exercises with lower weight and higher reps partially because I don’t have the equipment I’d need to do higher weights, and also because I’d like to build size in my shoulders. 233 more words


Back Pain Exercises To Get You Back In Action

A brief description of special exercises for your back to help you deal with symptoms of lower back pain and get instant as well as long-term relief from backache symptoms. 407 more words

Back Pain

Energy Drain

Yesterday in the gym seemed so hard. When my daughter and I first began our shoulder workout, doing military press, it felt like we were trying to lift a car! 205 more words


Get Back! - Building the Back Half of the Body

It’s easy for all the muscles in your back and rear legs to be “out of sight, out of mind,” since these areas are not so easily visible in the mirror as we evaluate our training progress. 407 more words