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Perfect Pull Weightlifting Workouts 10.21.14

Power Snatch: 44×4, 48×4, 52x4x3
Power Clean & Power Jerk: 52×2+2, 56×2+2, 60×2+2×3
Snatch Grip Bent Row: 47x3x4
Push Press: 56×3, 60×3, 65x3x2

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Wednesday, 10.01.14 - Training

8-10 sets:
25m reverse sled drag, moderate load constant movement
:90 freestanding hold practice
10m/arm 1-arm Farmer’s walk
5 back extensions
:60 AirDyne
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23 Sept 14 - Tough Phys Day. Very productive.

Starting at 0600, as normal, it was back down in to the sweltering bowels of this awesome vessel. A few people were in the there on the spinning bikes doing their thing; I always think that you should take a look at the instructor in order to assess the effectiveness of a fitness training system. 617 more words

2014-09-22, Personal Training Session 13

If I had to state the themes today, it would be Core and the dip/chin assist machine.

The first combination set was:

1. Back extension machine: started at 170, went down to 160 for the second and third set of 15. 138 more words

Personal Training

Wednesday, 09.03.14 - Training

10 rounds:
25m backward sled drag, low load constant movement
:90 handstand hold practice
5 glute-ham sit-ups
5 hip extension
:60 AirDyne

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Headed to CFi around 10 to do some stuff. Warmed up my shoulders with Crossover Symmetry Activation.


Every 15s until failure

  • 1 Muscle-up

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