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Weekly Post: Oops I Did it!

A weekly post about what I promised myself I wouldn’t do as a new mom, but found myself doing it

- Back to Sleep – Not happening… 536 more words

Social media, social networking, and Kid’s Health: Top 5 controversies in Pediatrics that most parents and Pediatricians will probably or mostly will say: REALLY? ARE YOU SERIOUS? GIMME A BREAK!!!

Social media and networking especially Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube (Meet-up ? I never heard of it until now) plays an important role in disseminating information about kid’s health issues and controversies. 386 more words

Online Tools

The ABC's Of Infant Sleep

Suddenly and quite unexpectedly babies die in their sleep and for no apparent reason.  In fact, almost 400 babies die in their sleep annually in Texas causing the state to go on a campaign mission entitled “Always Give Babies Room to Breathe!”  Hi this is Terri Borman child care provider and author of children’s book “Shapes Go to School.”  As a child care provider, it’s scary to think that an infant that I love and care for could die in his/her sleep while in my care, so I must to do everything in my power to provide a safe and clean environment and follow State guidelines about infant safe sleep practices. 409 more words

Smart Baby Tech Makes for Helicopter Parents

Parents: The original baby monitors

Saturday morning my spouse and I had a kid-free (!) picnic breakfast at a lake near our house. We sat about 10 feet away from a pair of geese with their new goslings, just watching. 621 more words


Keeping Babies Sleeping Safe and Sound

Many parents don’t know that their babies are vulnerable to sleep-related injuries and even death, but there are steps you can take to protect your child. 59 more words