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Secret Cinema Opens One Week Late

Great Scott! Doc Brown would definitely not be happy about this. Neither would Marty for that matter. The immersive experience film group, Secret Cinema was forced to cancel their opening night  production of Back to the Future on Thursday 24th July . 275 more words


Secret Cinema - Back to the Future - July 31st Show

I previously wrote about the Secret Cinema – Back to the Future PR Disaster. Some new photos of the site have appeared today. Spoiler Alert – if you don’t want to see how it looks then don’t click on the following links: … 215 more words

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Great Scott!

3D printing is only going to become much cheaper, faster, and higher in quality in the very near future and with easy to use software’s and processors becoming readily available for the public its only going to grow further. 307 more words

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Flying DeLorean Only a Few Years Late

August 15, 2024

It might not be 2015 anymore, but it has been long discussed that media and pop culture might have an effect on the course of technology. 165 more words

10 Years Later...

There's no Dalorians in this RPG

An Enigma’s when you slipped on the toilet, bumped your head, and then came up with an idea for the flux capacitor, except you’re not Doctor Emmit Brown… 41 more words


Marty McFly Changes History on the #RooseveltRiver

OK, before you movie buffs tell me “Marty McFly never met Theodore Roosevelt, much less paddle a river with anyone!” Keep your pants on for a minute, I can explain. 898 more words


Back…to the Drawing Board

Secret Cinema’s showing of Back to the Future fell to pieces at the weekend with the PR side of things taking an absolute battering online. What can we learn from this example in how to fail at crisis communications?

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