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Games for Two

But not at the same time.  But Davout is very good about taking turns.

They start with simple swatting at the seed pod…


Then the all-out lunge for the prize! 12 more words


Snips and Snails

Pineapple Upside Down Cat.

Earlier I went outside to find Davout practicing his lurking skills.  Where’s Waldo?

When I spotted him he moved to another place of concealment. 38 more words


Pet Pest Control

It is always good to give your kittens a marketable skill to ensure their futures…

I started on this on the weekend when I started playing with Davout with a stem of honeysuckle that had grown wild.   104 more words


Agapanthus IV

It has been three weeks since the last post in my Agapanthus series. I had planned on posting these quicker, but something new comes along and pushes them to the corners of my mind. 304 more words


More Grass

I have more pictures from the fight with the grass frond from yesterday…first ones of the kittens following the target with their eyes.

…trying to get Rhea to jump for the grass. 83 more words


Six Word Saturday - And then the word got out

Remember our ‘rainy day lunch guest‘ this past week?

He apparently told his friends about his great find. :)

Linking to Six Word Saturday… 20 more words


Kittens and the Grass Tail

Another hot day but we got some evening clouds. It cooled off some and I picked a grass seed stem to play with.

It cannot be resisted. 41 more words