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Back to the shadows

30/42 cm

watercolour pencils, watercolour/paper


Guess who's back.

I have not posted on my wonderful blog since May. I cannot believe I have committed such a deadly sin, but when I tell you what I’ve been up to , you may understand: 123 more words

A Post from the Heart

As I sit here on this cold winters night; gazing deeply into the abyss unfolding before me, listening intently for the faintest of sounds, lost within the complex fortress of my own mind.. 385 more words

Training Log 11-23-14 Back and Dead Lift

My back went out on me a little Saturday. I was quite stiff from Squat and Overhead Press earlier in the week and I felt fine when I got up but after running some errands I was leaning into the back seat to get something out of my bag, very routine, and my mid back on the right side locked up and I couldn’t move or take a deep breath without it feeling a lot worse. 86 more words

Training Log

Haunted Nachos

Haunted Nachos
concept, name: Darwin Brown Waters
concept: Maggie Brown
concept, color scheme, pull, placement: Mary-Claire van Leunen
cutting, placement, piecing: Ali Hester
back: Scot Augustson… 254 more words


Never regret your past

Never regret your past or wish you would have done something different. What happened, happened for a reason. You may not see it now but you will. 111 more words

Knicks @ Rockets 11/24/14 - Game Recap

 Written by William Lee

Carmelo Anthony had to call a timeout to get himself out of the game with 1:45 remaining in the first half. It would later be announced that Anthony was dealing with back spasms. 355 more words