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A Semester's Lesson on Pain

The most common question I get from people when I tell them what I’m currently studying versus what I received my bachelor’s is something along the lines of, “Why did you stop graphic design?” or “But your stuff is really good; what made you want to stop?” It’s always an easy, and true answer, never a copout. 1,170 more words


Turn back

Turn back and wonder
What could have been
Why won’t you let them be
Those sundry dreams

There were so many
In the pages of time… 43 more words


a good friend

a good friend is like a good bra. fully supports you, doesn’t stab you in the back, and helps you bear your burden, no matter how large. thursday quote


Shifting My Perspective

I posted a photo on my instagram the other day of me knocking out some reps on the leg press. This was the first time using it since having issues with my back and I ended up going 5 sets and finished with 200lbs for 20 reps. 944 more words


Stacey Dash, "My Family Including Dame Dash Turned Their Backs On Me Because Of My Political Views"

I’m not sure I feel too sorry for her after some of the crazy things she let come out her mouth.

Then again family is supposed to have you’re back no matter what… RIGHT..? 6 more words


Top 7 Back and Neck Gadgets That Help Greta

As a frequent Amazon shopper, I love to view recommendations that are “custom” for me. Quite often, they have nothing to do with my purchase behavior or interest. 1,071 more words