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Shifting My Perspective

I posted a photo on my instagram the other day of me knocking out some reps on the leg press. This was the first time using it since having issues with my back and I ended up going 5 sets and finished with 200lbs for 20 reps. 944 more words


Stacey Dash, "My Family Including Dame Dash Turned Their Backs On Me Because Of My Political Views"

I’m not sure I feel too sorry for her after some of the crazy things she let come out her mouth.

Then again family is supposed to have you’re back no matter what… RIGHT..? 6 more words


Top 7 Back and Neck Gadgets That Help Greta

As a frequent Amazon shopper, I love to view recommendations that are “custom” for me. Quite often, they have nothing to do with my purchase behavior or interest. 1,071 more words


Back Structure

Today is time to train the back! The back isn’t only one of the body’s biggest and strongest bodyparts, it’s also the most complicated in terms of being a series of interconnected muscle groups. 70 more words


Using your Magic Circle for Hip and Leg Stretches

Joseph Pilates’ Magic Circle — sometimes called a power ring or fitness circle —  can be used as a handy prop to stretch your hips and legs. 793 more words


Build a Batwing Back

Build a Batwing Back

Working your lats unilaterally and with your chest supported on a bench isolates them as best you can. The batwing row will thicken your back and test your fortitude in one gut-wrenching exercise. 73 more words


Back to the Future 3: Yes

Wild West? Brilliant. Great way to finish an amazing trilogy :p