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Backstage at a dance recital when I was in the fifth grade, two girls took a toy away from me and decided to play keep away.  1,211 more words

Breast Cancer

MQ: Clementine Paddleford

“Never grow a wishbone, daughter, where your backbone ought to be.”
— Clementine Paddleford

I don’t have much to say about this quote, it’s very self explanatory.

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Those unforgiven, they are like unhappy Gods that live within, restless and mad

When forgiven, they finally get peace within stories and myths

Those unspoken, they are like heavy Giants sleeping most of the time, but breaking your backbone every morning… 12 more words

Freedom That Is Love That Is Life

Give Your Wishbone a Backbone

On St. Patrick’s Day each year many people tend to look for good luck through using a four-leaf clover. The person who carries horseshoe or rabbit’s foot is certain to be lucky through their life. 478 more words


Your favourite HTML5 powered framework for enterprise web application development

Now people are not debating about HTML5 + Javascript VS Traditional / Native / Compiled approach. We all know the impact these two friends with CSS 3 have on our life. 194 more words


The Shoulders of Ponies

Cheryl A. Rice

He said they have a chip on their shoulder,
like midgets, and I wonder
how many midgets my father
has known in real life. 422 more words