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It is not just a replacement;
Not even a substitute!
D N A- The life principal,
The diversity’s generator vile, gone!
Our survival depends on its backbone! 66 more words


Fight or Flight: Overcoming "It's alright."

I have this habit of saying, “It’s alright.” Anytime someone bumps into me, doesn’t show up for something at work, cuts me off in the middle of my sentence, or any other time someone does something to disrupt what I was doing, I just reply mechanically like an instinctual response. 213 more words

Essays Of Sorts

Minimalistic Backbone Router with on-demand requirejs loading

Common problem developer face while using Backbone.Router and RequireJS loader is, all dependencies for application needs to declared in router file either as direct dependency or dotted dependency, which leads to loading all JavaScript needed for application before executing router. 50 more words


Sorting backbone collections and CompositeViews

Couple of days ago I came across something I haven’t needed to do before so I thought I share. In our Backbone app we store waffles and or course we have a wafflesCollection. 1,101 more words


eBook: Rails Deep Dive

Link: Rails Deep Dive

Editorial Reviews

This e-book (pdf format only) will focus on setting your system up properly (for those systems that support it) and will fly a little lower than the typical 50,000 foot level of many tutorials. 207 more words

Congratulations Sunny Park!!! OUR OFFICIAL CHIEF EDITOR!!! 7/7/204

Congratulations to Sunny Park on becoming the new Chief Editor of The BiWifeLife Community!!!

Sunny is an awesomely strong woman who’s exploring herself and willing to step forward and help others do so as well. 76 more words


Connecting Ajax with REST

In the last post we had an API for the user, and a nice test suite for it.  We also had a logon screen on the browser.   3,075 more words