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Useful Chrome Apps & Extensions for Web Developers

I have made by work easy by using the extensions / plugins whatsoever we call them. It can be on Chrome or Firefox. In this post, i would like show you few apps & extensions for Google Chrome(my favorite browser). 388 more words


Using Backbone.js models and collections with Qt and QML

I have been a big fan of Backbone.js a long time. Together with Marionette.js it offers a solid toolkit to front-end web developers.

Lately I have worked with Qt and QML. 323 more words


Plans, deadlines, adjustments, re-focusing...

evolving, changing , being patient, taking time to re-evaluate, etc….all these are important steps in running a business.  All these steps are important to becoming, being and maintaining the life path of the Working Paid Artist. 222 more words

Dear Artist

Don't take any sh!t

People often come to me for advice and I am not just saying that to boast or pat myself on the back, honestly I don’t know why it happens so much. 477 more words


Restaurant Anatomy

By now I have heard a number of metaphors and references used to explain the workings of a restaurant. It got me to thinking… there are so many intricacies, systems, and processes going on behind the scenes… restaurants are just like the human anatomy. 1,345 more words

For Foodies!