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Pozible - A Crowdfunding Platform

Pozible is an Australian-based crowd-funding platform and community-building tool for creative projects and ideas. It is developed to help people to raise funds. Pozible has been well established from May 2010, gladly, it provides support in Malaysia. 242 more words


more is less

be willing to mess up and lose face

and even when you lose face bc/ of a misunderstanding or a misrepresentation
just own it and go from there… 92 more words

Three That Women Became (2014)

1. Mothers.
2. Cooks.
3. Backbone.
Throughout history-
In this country.


To my daughter

“Never grow a wishbone, daughter, where your backbone ought to be.”
-Clementine Paddleford

This is something I wish my mother would have taught me. It would’ve come in great handy this year. 136 more words

Politically Correct

Honesty isn’t overrated folks, but being politically correct is.

When did we become people with no backbone? I don’t know about you, but no one should have a wishbone where a backbone should be. 20 more words


HBO has embraced Netflix's business model, but not its net neutrality politics

Yes, HBO will finally start selling standalone, online-only packages next year. But while the über-popular premium channel is copying the direct-to-consumer distribution method created by Netflix, it won’t be campaigning for a fairer internet like its rival vociferously does. 723 more words

Learning and study of High Altitude Balloon is quite a fun thing to do. At first place I thought it was just a simple gadget to deal with but now I realized it is not.

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