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Day:241 Backchat: Believe in Yourself

Human Rights and the Equal Life Foundation  •  Desteni.org  • See: The Equal Life Foundation Bill of Rights    Living Income Guaranteed: The Proposal

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Day #3

Well today I didn’t do much, all I did what was wrote in the other post, however I did some other things!! Can you believe it! 189 more words

Letter of the Week: Stop fretting. Mount Polley water will recover

If we want to look into the future and see what the power of nature has in store for us following the Mount Polley tailings dam failure, we need look no further than the experience of the small town of Aznalcóllar (Los Frailes) near Saville, Spain. 216 more words


Letters: Pastafarians, drones, train tracks and property values

I am not Pastafarian, for as a gluten free celiac I cannot eat most pasta. But I am attracted to the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster… 906 more words