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The state of science literacy

BoingBoing posted this amazing video from QVC:

For a more detailed take down, here is Rachel Maddow:


More Than Just Jews: Socratic Seminar Discussion

By: Cameron Brown

On Thursday, December 18, our classroom engaged in a discussion known as a Socratic Seminar. These seminars involve two circles: one is key in discussion on the inside, and the outer circle listens, takes notes, and asks questions by stepping in the inner circle’s “hot seat.” 259 more words

Freshmen Class Discussion

Knowledge builds on knowledge

One of the biggest myths about memory is that your brain only holds so much information and there is no point committing anything to information when you can easily look it up. 106 more words


Classroom Acrostic Poem

Right before falling asleep the other night, I had a beautiful light bulb moment. I was thinking about my lesson for the next day (do people in other careers do this?!), and I needed some kind of opening activity to get kids thinking about social studies. 78 more words

Standard 3: Planning And Preparing

'it’s mostly facts that end up separating rich kids from poor kids'

By teaching them “facts”, schools can make a difference in helping bring kids out of poverty.


Facts, background knowledge, and content knowledge are all education-related terms that can be used interchangeably, and can be… 376 more words

K-12 Education

A New Twist on an Old Favorite

I’ve been making a concerted effort to include more “success starters” in class after a literacy friend told me about the trend. I’m good with bell ringers and short reviews at the start of class, but her reminder brought home the fact that I need to do these sorts of things every day. 222 more words

Standard 3: Planning And Preparing


The American Standard Code for Information Interchange addresses the limitation that computers can only store numbers, not characters. It assigns a number to each character a computer can print, as indicated through the table below in the “Dec” column; 102 more words

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