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Building Background Knowledge Prior to Student-led Inquiries

I recently had the opportunity to hear Garfield Gini-Newman speak to the staff at Whitehorn Public School (PDSB).  Garfield is a senior national consultant with the Critical Thinking Consortium.  557 more words


Machery: Précis of Doing without Concepts

Article: Précis of Doing without Concepts
Author: Edouard Machery
Published: 11/2009
Citations: 178 (note: as of 04/2014)
Link: Here (note: not a permalink) 2,611 more words


H2 – Honor student access to content material

This topic requires a great deal of reflection.  At first glance it seems deceptively simple.  When I first looked at this topic I interpreted it to mean allowing students access to material necessary to comprehend all aspects of the topic even if that information is politically inconvenient.   578 more words

Meet the Frontier Fields: MACS J1149.5+2223

This is the fourth in a series of posts introducing and providing essential facts about each of the Frontier Fields.

The gravitational lens created by the galaxy cluster MACS J1149 already has a record of stirring up excitement. 570 more words

Frontier Fields


This is my first year teaching English, and I have found that one really difficult skill to teach is summarizing.  My students nod and say that they understand, but when it comes down to it, they struggle (and come up with some crazy ideas, way out of left field!). 422 more words


Teaching Culture to Your English Learners

Have you heard the classic nursery rhyme “Chocolate?”

It goes like this:

One, two, three, cho-

One, two, three, -co-

One, two, three, -la-

One, two, three, -te… 285 more words

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