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Music Showreel / My job as a music composer

Hi friends:

In this post, I give to you some musical works that I create in my Musical Production company.

Thanks for watch this video :D


Music In Paris

Visiting Paris we enjoyed the fashion, the public places – and the music!

title=”A la terrasse du cafĂ©” – photo by Yann GENSOLLEN, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT! 30 more words


Drawing 2 Assignment 2 critique

This assignment was extremly valuable for me. It help me to become better at sighting and seeing the relationship between the objects im working with. I have realized that to get more accurate i cant move from one side to another drawing general details. 81 more words

Background Music

I insist on less colour

Rather like a television drama programme which uses background music to make sure that the viewer understands whether to feel sad or happy, our newspapers, and other news media use their own form of background sound and vision to make sure we understand exactly what they want us to understand. 259 more words

Climate Change

3-d Tim brown video

I watched the time brown video and I think it is relative to us as artist. In order for us to reach our creative potential we need to be in a environment that we are comfortable in. 92 more words

Background Music

3-d assignment 2 critique

For this project my main focus was grouping. The first way I established this is by using connecting my single modules into groups of six. Secondly there were groups of blue and orange. 50 more words

Background Music

3-D comp critique

This critique was helpful in that it showed me that I should distinguish the sculpture from the platform its presented on. It also help show me that I should think about structure and stability along with ascetics in making a sculpture.

Background Music