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Dripping with Ice

Besides the interesting subject matter of these ice formations on leaves, twigs and branches, it was fun taking these ice shots because of the hundreds of tiny twinkling rainbows of colors captured within the ice. 6 more words


North Carolina Beach Portraits

Sometimes simple is best. With only a couple of minutes to get ready, I twisted my cousin, Erin’s, hair into a topknot, gave her glamorous cat eye liner, and a little red lip gloss. 177 more words


Ice Stepping

So, what I see in this shot is a figure with legs on the right getting ready to ascend an icy staircase.

Can you see it, too? 6 more words


Lizard-skin Ice

I think of a lizard shedding its skin when I look at the cracked, crazed pattern of the ice on this oak leaf.

What do you see? 7 more words


Blue-ice Twig

I took a lot of frames on the day the trees froze.

I like the tiny fractures or crazing in the ice on the twig, which shows up in this macro shot. 60 more words