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Top of Mind or Top of List - How Do You Prioritize?

As a Product Manager, you constantly need to prioritize and are constantly pulled in a million directions.  But when it comes down to feature and defects specifically, how do you prioritize?   563 more words


Antichamber Defeated!

As I expected, this game was pretty great, some real mind fuckery mixed with fantastic rewarding puzzles. Reminded me a lot of Portal at times, especially with the matter guns, and man some of those puzzles were tough. 85 more words


The boy scout rule

Recently I had the discussion with a colleague on how new code was being added to a code-base without maintainability in mind. The discussion was sparked by a code-review that had been ping-ponging between the reviewer and the developer where readability and ( as a result ) maintainability was an issue. 998 more words

Code Quality

Nothing But A Whole Lot Of Catching Up

Unsurprisingly, I spent a good chunk of the day in idleness, after changing the sheets to my pillows and bed, as well as figuring out the issue with my father’s laptop (turns out that its auto-backup function was out of control, essentially eating up all the available HD space of the second hard drive).   269 more words

Personal Thoughts

Tests Overdue: DPD Funded to Test Backlogged Rape Kits

DALLAS – You know the saying ‘What’s done in the dark comes out in the light?’ Well the Dallas Police Department is hoping that will happen, now that they’re testing over 4,000 rape kits. 243 more words


Three To Get Behind (2011)

1  That backlog at work.
2. The dirty clothes pile.
3. Those bills.
In the middle, of the day,
without making a sound-
The new bills, without the… 7 more words


Participating in Extra Life for the very first time

Hi, everyone! It’s me, your Grinding Down creator, author, and somewhat steady maintainer–Paul Abbamondi! I made a big decision recently, and that is to participate in… 350 more words