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Tests Overdue: DPD Funded to Test Backlogged Rape Kits

DALLAS – You know the saying ‘What’s done in the dark comes out in the light?’ Well the Dallas Police Department is hoping that will happen, now that they’re testing over 4,000 rape kits. 243 more words


Three To Get Behind (2011)

1  That backlog at work.
2. The dirty clothes pile.
3. Those bills.
In the middle, of the day,
without making a sound-
The new bills, without the… 7 more words


Participating in Extra Life for the very first time

Hi, everyone! It’s me, your Grinding Down creator, author, and somewhat steady maintainer–Paul Abbamondi! I made a big decision recently, and that is to participate in… 350 more words


The Gears of War trilogy: Instant fun, just add friends

I hope you’ll forgive the laziness of critiquing an entire series of games in a single review, but I didn’t feel compelled (read: motivated enough) to analyze my thoughts on each game in separate posts. 841 more words

Progress Reports

California Healthline: 159,000 Medi-Cal Applications Remain Backlogged

As of early this month, state officials said there is a backlog of 159,000 Medi-Cal applications in California.

Read article here: http://www.californiahealthline.org/articles/2014/10/14/159000-medical-applications-remain-backlogged


Anomoly 2 zzzzz

I was wrong with Tower Defence, this one is Tower Offence apparently. Still just as dull to me, it started off OK, a bit slow, and then that pace never picked up. 78 more words


How to Communicate When a Product Backlog Item will be Worked On / Delivered

This is a tricky one as despite organisations embracing “agile” – stakeholders still desire a committed timeline of delivery aka a Waterfall roadmap. I have seen this many times, especially in software companies whereby customer, Sales, the Exec all want a committed timeline for delivery – yet also want the flexibility, rapid iterative development, just in time definition and continuous prioritization that agile brings. 374 more words