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State of Decay - Review

I’ve spent a fair chunk of time with State of Decay now and think it’s safe to say I’ve formed a pretty strong opinion of the game. 1,032 more words


California Healthline: State Hopes To Cut Medi-Cal Enrollment Backlog Nearly in Half by August

by David Gorn

State officials yesterday released a letter to CMS outlining a rough plan of action and a detailed explanation for a backlog of 600,000 unprocessed Medi-Cal applications. 96 more words


California Healthline: State Officials Meet CMS Deadline for Explanation of Huge Medi-Cal Backlog

by David Gorn

State officials yesterday said they met the July 14 deadline to respond to a CMS request for a detailed explanation about why California’s backlog of unprocessed Medi-Cal applications remains at roughly 600,000 applicants. 72 more words


I Proclaim This the Summer of Geor....Backlog!

Seinfeld fans will get the reference in the title. Those who don’t get it really need to watch more Seinfeld.

We’re well under way into the summer season now, and that means that the lull period of game releases has arrived. 503 more words


Here's What Happens When You Get a Rape Kit Exam

Getting a rape kit collected is no picnic. The process can last up to four hours, and involves getting poked, prodded, swabbed and photographed in exactly the places a rape victim would have been violated in an attack. 376 more words

Awesome Daily #103: Killing your backlog

The creative masterminds of this world release hundreds of books, movies, TV shows, games, and music albums every year, and while obviously not all of them are to your liking, enough of them are and since you don’t have all the time in the world, your backlog grows bigger and bigger. 96 more words

Awesome Daily

Airport Simulator 2014

I managed 33 minutes. I’ve surprised myself. If you enjoy driving a very bad handling vehicle from A to B, waiting 10 minutes (Either doing nothing, or driving some other random vehicle from A to B) and then driving it back to A then maybe try this game. 127 more words