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Dear Diary ... of Gaming: Asterbreed.

I am reminded of two things:

(1) Bullet hell shooters have a duly earned name.

(2)I suck at bullet hell shooters.

The game is about some chicks, that get somethinged and then end up as the operating system for a couple of mechs. 379 more words

Progress Report: Beaten Legend of Zelda - Oracle of Seasons

Oracle of Seasons was a game my brother and I got for a long car trip one day when we were kids. I can’t say I remembered much about the game except I know we got pretty far in it, and that it was all around a fairly good game. 880 more words

Progress Report

Alice: Madness Returns complete! (and a note about games on the side)

It maybe took me a while, maybe you thought I’d given up, as it’s been a while since my most recent post, but I finally completed another game. 552 more words


Just got home from watching the season premier of Dr. Who Season 8 in a theater.

God was it awesome, I have a pretty good TV at home but the series just feels at home on a big screen with a bunch of random people all watching it together. 62 more words

Nerding Out.

REVIEW: Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory



I know, I know. Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory did come out quite awhile ago. However due to many outside commitments such as full time work and wedding planning I have only just got around to achieving the platinum trophy last night. 533 more words

Breakfast and brunch

I love having breakfast or brunch. Cafes have been so creative with their dishes in the recent years that you just want to order everything on the menu. 409 more words


Back by popular demand!

Wow, looks like I got a lot more feedback on that last post than I originally anticipated! Several people, either in passing or via Facebook, mentioned some of the games I took off my backlog. 941 more words