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Whatever can Koh Rong, will Koh Rong

So our journey to Koh Rong began with me being forced to tears in Western Union, because I was unable to access my transferred money (as my purse was stolen a few weeks earlier in Vietnam), and with there being no ATMS on Koh Rong I was faced with the option that I may not be making it to the island. 1,651 more words


End of Days...

“It has to end here. I know now why you cry (wipes tear from John’s pre pubescent cheek) But it is something I can never do.” 695 more words


World's First Jet-Turned Hostel in Stockholm, Sweden

No one likes airports or flying. If you are like me you can stand going to the airport three hours before your departure, going through customs, and sitting down on the same spot for hours. 288 more words


17 signs you've lived in a hostel for too long

You know when you find that city where everything is just so beautiful? The people are so nice and every night you have a new story to tell. 370 more words


Shanghai - The Westernised Metropolis & Hangzhou - the more laid back China

After another sleeper train, this time a 14hr ride, we made it to Shanghai. As we exited the station we were greeted by a sunny morning and a lot more order around us. 1,355 more words


#100Days Photo 27: Bomod-ok Falls aka The Big Falls of Sagada

A few nights ago, some friends and I were talking about Sagada since some of them are planning to go. Of course, one of the top recommendations I can give them is to pay a visit to the Bomod-ok Falls, also known as the Big Falls. 167 more words

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