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When is it appropriate?

The boy and I got into a conversation the other day. We had just come from Terazine, in the Czech Republic and were in Krakow. 441 more words


Sous le Ciel de Paris

I work as an executive consultant for IBM. Our team advises CIOs on policy in their IT environment, in regards to hardware, strategy, labor, and processes. 2,209 more words

The end of Yugoslavia part 1

Before I begin telling you about the next part of my trip we need to have a bit of a history lesson I think. 

Prior to this trip, all I knew about Yugoslavia was the fact that there was once a country called Yugoslavia and now there isn’t. 473 more words


Backpacking Europe On A Guided Tour

For anyone that has ever dreamed about backpacking Europe, it can be fun to dream about but intimidating to do in reality when traveling to foreign countries in foreign languages on your own. 330 more words

Lbw Travel

That time we climbed 1200 steps

We flew from Athens, Greece into Dubrovnik, Croatia, spent 1 night there, then got up to catch a 3hour bus costing us about 220kn (about £22). 250 more words


That time I met an "interesting" character or two while travelling

When I found out this months link up topic, the most interesting character you’ve met travelling, I tried to think back to the various people I had met on my travels. 389 more words


That time we found some pirate caves

Okay so maybe they weren’t pirate caves…

Days 10-13
9 hours on a boat is a long time, especially when it’s to dark outside to stare at all the other islands, but we finally made it to Milos (late) 301 more words