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Bucket List ♥

The Bucket List…. of a 25 year old singleton 😉

I’m always striving to tick things off my bucket list, to ensure I fulfil the saying ‘live life to the full’. 175 more words


Rebecca's Wee Tours

A great way to end our time in Scotland - Saint Andrews, Crail and Anstruther for some seaside sun and the best fish ‘n’ chips ever (Tom Hanks even ate there and if you’re lucky you can sometimes see a flying baby haggis in the area)… 76 more words


Eating Like Kings in Krakow

While Matt and I were in Krakow, we ate like kings. Matt and I went to a restaurant for every single meal except for breakfasts. And it was all extremely affordable and high quality. 531 more words


I'm going to Travel the World...

As of 2nd February 2015, this will become my travel blog – writing those words does not even make it feel real. Though we booked our flights a few weeks ago, I don’t think it will sink in until the moment arrives, but words do not explain how excited I am. 563 more words


Tuk Tuk adventure, A fantastic street meal with Bugs and Durian for dessert.

Best meal yet today in Bangkok so far. By this I do mean one of the best meals I’ve ever eaten, it was found near the Hospital by the Victory monument in Bangkok. 1,206 more words


The Fates Exhibition, Secession, Vienna

Diana Al-Hadid’s The Fates exhibition at Secession in Vienna was breathtaking. It afforded me the opportunity to see art in a way I had never seen it before. 225 more words


Second Star To The Right And Straight On Til' Morning

This is it. Right now. Time has frozen, the clocks have stopped. I have all the time in the world. Forever is mine. With a mischievous thrill I open the door to the closet and shut myself in, taking one last peek outside to make sure I’m not being watched. 1,014 more words