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Pai, Eagle Trek Ziplines, Night-train to Bangkok, Bangkok, and a Bus trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia!

So, in order to give coverage to most of the things I did, but still not take another 3 months to finish posting about my S.E.A. 854 more words


Bushcraft Overnight Adventure

Here’s a cool Bushcraft video for all you Bushcraft fans. Don’t know what Bushcraft is? Watch and see…


First Taiwan Update

I wish I could say that I am on an airplane right now or that I am sitting in the Hong Kong airport waiting for my next flight.  256 more words


New Zealand- Fergburger

Our favourite part about New Zealand so far is a wonderful thing called a stein. For the uninformed, a stein is a huge mug of beer/cider and is the equivalent of about 1.5-2 pints depending on the generosity of the establishment. 613 more words

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A Plague of Locusts

In Kentucky, it seems as though we’re forever hearing that each coming summer will be a big cicada year, a year when an uncountable number of the adult insects, which have lived underground for 13 or 17 years as nymphs and are often called jarflies or locusts (the latter erroneously), will emerge and flood the summer breezes with their “song.”  We hear about cicadas so often because several colonies of the insects have ranges that overlap in our state.   343 more words



When you travel, isn’t it impossible to NOT think about money?

Oh, how much did lunch cost? How much did the hotel cost? The plane ticket?! 258 more words

Day 7: Getting down & dirty in The Canyon

Special announcement: In one week, a very special guestblogger will be appearing in this blog to give you her perspective on this journey. The two different perspectives on the same story will provide you true insight and it will feel like you were with us! 1,750 more words