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The beach is swarming with flies. A couple-seconds of rest and then BAM! twenty of them land on me. I’ve hardly been able to rest all day because of them which is especially frustrating since my shin is still really painful. 660 more words


How to Pack 24 Days into a Hiker's Backpack

I’m such an over packer I knew bringing only a hikers’ backpack for a 24 day Euro trip would be a serious challenge. I thought out my essentials early on, made a few early purchases and I must admit it was MUCH easier than I thought. 831 more words


Salto Ángel - Stairway to heaven

Liebe Freunde, ich hoffe sehr, dass euch mein persönlicher Reisebericht über den Salto Ángel gefallen hat – eine Reise zum höchsten Wasserfall der Welt ist sicher kein alltägliches Erlebnis.  727 more words


Prepping for our first hike together

This two day trip is our first hike together but not our first hiking/backpacking/camping experience overall. We aren’t experienced by any-means but we aren’t complete amateurs. 450 more words

Appalachian Trail

Fighting Fire With Obliviousness: When One Person's Disaster is Another's Inconvenience

If I’m dying of heat stroke while you’re reading this, don’t feel sorry for me. I died in full, happy understanding that it was MY choice to go backpacking where the forecast called for 99-degree days. 633 more words

Wing's Words

Waiting For the Storm

End of Day 1 and we were waiting for the storm to roll in. The setting sun lightens up Waterhouse Peak and the storm forms in the distance.