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Duuuuuuuuude - Turtle, Turtle!

Swimming alongside a turtle is probably one of the coolest things I’ve ever done in my life and having the chance to do this multiple times in Gili Meno was really unbelievable. 95 more words


Fearless Explorers

I fall down spectacularly on my behind, get up and check if the seat of my pants is covered in mud. Indeed it is. I take another careful step and slip again. 538 more words


A New Year

2015. A new year. Where to begin.

I had a nice Christmas and New Year’s eating lots of food, but I did not do much else in between the holidays. 471 more words


Manila Manila Manila!

Words cannot describe how amazing Manila is. The culture, the food, the people — there’s no where else like it.

Visiting where my family came from and to see the family that I hardly had the chance to grow up with, the experience has been humbling and exciting. 645 more words

The Best Layover - A Day in Taiwan

No one likes layovers. They often end up stranding a bleary-eyed version of yourself in a strange airport surrounded by overpriced food. Luckily, I was able to make the most of my 8.5 hour layover and take a tour of Taipei! 298 more words

Travel Tips

Travel Souvenirs - Paintings

Many of us bring home souvenirs whenever we travel. May it be local delicacies, the oh so common key chains and fridge magnets, we buy them all for gifts and for keeps. 602 more words


Rock, Paper, Scissors

I have not played this game since i was back in school. It was quite nostalgic remembering the tactics and practising my mental quick hand. … 348 more words