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Gear Thoughts: Ireland

I didn’t need to pack much for Ireland since I was only there for a few days.  And contrary to what I thought prior to the trip, I actually did spend quite a bit of time outside. 1,329 more words


Getting Ready for a Big Trip

I obviously like reading, writing, and making lists (yup, good thing I’m a teacher) and this lends itself well to planning a big trip.  It does make me wonder how other people plan their trips. 785 more words


One Grand Trip

I know this may sound a tad pigheaded, but I’ve figured out my graduation gift to myself. Next year upon graduation, I’ll be taking a backpacking trip to the Grand Canyon. 259 more words


Traveler Rate C!!

How to Plan Your Travel
In traveling there lots of considerations. What type of travel? How many are joining? Family trip? Couple escapade? Solo travel? 440 more words

The Kackar Mountains

This summer my sister and I traveled from Sulmona Italy to the Kackar Mountains in Eastern Turkey. These pictures were taken during our backpacking trip in the Kackar Mountain range.  

Happy Christmas and New Year!

This is the last post of 2014 for me so I just wanted to take the chance to say happy Christmas to you all! That, and thank you for all your amazing support over 2014. 225 more words