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Creating The Perfect Murderer

Death is a reality that surpasses the real world and becomes incarnate in some of the best books and stories out there. Whether we want to admit it or not, murderous characters are a phenomenon that extends throughout every genre of writing in order to spice up the story and add a healthy dose of intrigue to your plot. 826 more words

Entertaining Thoughts

Choosing Today

Since I was young, I’ve wanted to be brave enough to color my hair some bright color.  The bleaching commitment was too much for me to make the leap.   679 more words


Introducing Backstory

You’ve got people to meet, things to do, places to go. And you’ve got a great story to tell about yourself. You can use your resume to tell others who you are, but that doesn’t capture the full picture of you. 293 more words


Just A Spark

Hello friends,

Welcome to Band-Aids and Moxie.

This is my second blog for leisure.

My first is called “How To Fall Apart.”

It basically chronicles how I tore my whole life up, and mostly consists of very morose, repetitive, confusing posts. 441 more words


Writing the dead

So I’m just starting out a science fiction novel, and one key part of the whole concept is that quite a few of the characters who will have their story told (to one degree or another) will not be active and living participants, but rather already dead and speaking to the main character(s) (and thus the reader) through their logs, journals, experimental data, etc… This creates a situation I haven’t faced before: how much do I write out about these characters in their character biographies? 532 more words

The Backstory

Texas, 1991: A man named Todd and his wife bought this beautiful, red 1966 Ford Mustang to use as a “daily driver”.  When all three of their kids were born, they were brought home from the hospital in this ‘Stang because that’s just so cool.   273 more words