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Act #9: A Different Kind of Body Building

A couple of years ago for Christmas, I put together a unique gift for my husband that neither of us will ever forget. I took a small day planner and filled it with reasons why I love him–365 of them to be exact, one for each day of the year. 899 more words

Completed Acts

Intimate knowledge of fake people

‘Shame’, the recent film about a New Yorker with an unhealthy dependence on sexual activity, has declined in my estimation over the last few years. The raw power that captivated me on first viewing has given way to a nagging feeling that the film is somewhat slight and a little mistaken in its seeming belief that it is provocative and confrontational, which I am not convinced that it is. 923 more words

Overlapping, overarching narratives

I’ve been trying to have this conversation with my therapist for a while now: “Do you think I’m autistic? I remember when the possibility first entered my mind, it was because someone else brought it up.” “Do you think you’re on the spectrum?” “I don’t know,” I replied and then spent that spring semester researching the possibility. 508 more words



So after all my friends, family, random people at the grocery store told me about 100 times I should start a cooking blog I decided to go for it. 225 more words


In Which Jackillen Enters the World (Fairy Tale Fortnight)

In the spirit of Fairy Tale Fortnight (brought to you by The Book Rat and A Backwards Story) and in anticipation of the June release of my fourth Wilderhark Tale, “ 702 more words



I’m not sure it’s so much about personal courage – as it is about necessity. The absolute and desperately nagging, gnawing in the pit of my stomach need to write about abuse – physical, mental, sexual, soulful abuse – my story. 275 more words


My brother

Me and stuff, internet.

So it’s been all sort of normal at the house, and I thought that I needed to just post something for the sake of it. 461 more words