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Here's what you need to know

As the rewrite/polish of the mystery-comedy continues, it suddenly hit me that while I knew the backstory of what came before, somebody reading it for the first time would have no idea what was going on, or at least how we got here. 143 more words


Acts #15-18: These Keys

When I was a child, I loved to spend my time wandering around our spacious backyard making up stories, poems, and songs. My mind was constantly filled with characters and ideas, melodies and rhymes. 874 more words

Completed Acts

Where's the damn starting line?

Seeking inspiration as I battle with my spending/emotional demons, I did what anyone with access to the internet would do – Google search. Man, there’s a lot of personal finance information out there. 410 more words


Baby Steps

“I’m not worried, because you’ve reinvented yourself before.” – my husband, yesterday in our kitchen

I’ve been in Big Business for roughly 16 years, and I just gave up my job. 878 more words


Behind the Curtain

So, I would assume some folks would like to know why I decided to enter rehab. The short of it is that I have known that I have a problem for a long time now. 832 more words

Backstory/Inspiration Blogs

As my readers, would you want to read the backstory/inspiration for some of the poems I write?

Just a thought.