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We have opinions about our characters.

We think we know who they are, how they’ll react in the story we create for and around them. 558 more words


Who is the Daring Vagina?

I wanted to take a moment to tell you about my background. I am a mid-20s, middle class upbringing, college educated, pretty damn “fluffy” white girl. 356 more words


Writing rule #4

 “Every character is a person and therefore, you should know what took place before the story to make them who they are.” 

Have you ever met anyone without a past? 661 more words


My body is a temple

But to what? Every temple is but a place of worship. Where you hoist your idols of your gods into their altars to place offerings at their feet. 703 more words



Isaac was a musician. Some said a child prodigy, or the nearest you would get to it in this day and age. He was playing the violin in concert by the age of four, and was bought an instrument nearly every birthday afterwards. 495 more words

Day 12 of No Medication (well.... a little bit of Klonopin) and the backstory

Where to start.  There are many different reasons to decide to discontinue medication.  To start a little bit about me:

My Past

I am a 27 year old female that was first diagnosed with major depressive disorder at 15 years old.   682 more words


Where Your Novel Began, or Where Your Novel Thinks it Began

The story that sits as the backdrop of your novel isn’t always apparent to the reader. A lot of cases, actually, authors don’t really have a back story for their characters or novel, and the back story isn’t always something that the reader looks for. 509 more words