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Glomska – Part 7

Without the constant sound of steam our minds focus on the task at hand. It took a lot of time, hours, but we finally find out enough to know that things are not what they seem. 280 more words


Was BigWind responsible for BLACKOUT in Scotland?

If it is true, the gentleman in this article is right, we will never know the truth; there is too much green cash at stake for this industry. 435 more words

Backup Your Work on External Hard Drive - or Else!

It’s easy to get blasé about saving your work – let alone backing it up. I can’t think of the amount of times that I’ve lost hard grafted work in Photoshop or Coda after a computer crash, wishing I’d simply hit ‘command + s’ more regularly that I had.. 491 more words


Secret Server Disaster Recovery 101

Part 1: Form your DR plan

Just like any tool that enhances your company’s security, the security of the tool itself is of ultimate importance. That means no backdoors and no way for Thycotic or anyone other than yourselves to decrypt your data. 746 more words

Secret Server

Windows Hyper-V Backup Tool - 20 Reasons Why You Should Use One.

The importance of Hyper-V Server backup tools. Discover their advantages, flexibility, security and centralized management when compared to standard backups.

Copy & Paste... für Laufwerke?!

Hier mal meine persönliche Top 3 von Backup & Restore Software:

1. Clonezilla

2. Ghost 4 Linux


… wobei REDO schon gerne mal nach 3 Stunden Backup beim Restore in den letzten Zügen (95-98%) noch CRC Fehler im Image findet und stoppt… ;)


With A Click of a Button, My History is Non-Existent

I have the look for tragedy at this moment. I have went to go look for some old files to use but they are gone. 265 more words