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Day 1: Organize Your Digital Photos in just 15 Minutes in 15 Days in 2015 (#15in15in2015)

Happy birthday to me! No seriously, today is my anniversary of another batch of birthday-cake photo opps! I thought it’d be fun date to kick off my new PhotoOrganizingPro blog & my new mini series (#15in15in2015). 2,745 more words


[データは語る]バックアップ運用プロセスを変えるべき? 17%の企業が「重要な課題」と回答——IDC調査 [ #cbajp ]

調査会社のIDC Japanは2015年1月30日、国内のデータ保護ソリューション市場に関する調査結果を発表した。それによると、国内ユーザー企業の約17%が、現在のバックアップ運用プロセスを変える必要性について、「取り組むべき重要な課題」と回答。「できれば取り組みたい課題」と回答した42%とあわせると、約60%の企業が現在のバックアップ運用プロセスを変える必要性を感じているという。



Business Continuity

Reducing risk: how do you increase business resilience? Do you relocate your people to maintain key operations? http://www.news.com.au/national/siege-at-sydneys-lindt-cafe-martin-place-long-identified-as-a-terrorist-target/story-fncynjr2-1227156341960

The recent disaster at Martin place, in Sydney’s CBD caused several surrounding businesses to close operations during the seige. 515 more words


backup solutions - don't worry

I’m drafting a number of further entries on this topic as I work out my perfect system. To follow.


email me the result of a cronjob/script in Freenas

This is the simplest method to email the result of a command in Freenas.
For example if you run certain scripts with Cron you can use it also. 81 more words


Briefing Note: CloudAlly provides Unlimited SaaS Application Backup

Originally the term “cloud backup” referred to primarily consumer-grade services that backed up PCs and laptops to a cloud-based provider. These services were designed to protect users’ data, mostly digital content like photos and music, but also documents. 700 more words