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What if you could release 4TB of storage in every 10TB with no business impact?

Good post by Andrew Dickerson (thank you)

What a waste of space!

If you’re responsible for data storage, you already know that storing and managing more than 30% annual data growth is eating up your budget faster than just about anything else in IT. 23 more words


A Funny Thing

It’s a funny thing how quickly technology becomes integrated into our lives. We get a new device- smartphone, tablet, whatever- and have no clue how we’re going to use it. 219 more words

#298 To Every Problem

There is always a solution, backup plan, worst case scenario to every problem.

How To Copy Files With Rsync Over SSH

Step 1 – Setup public SSH keys

On our origin server, we will generate public SSH keys with no password:

ssh-keygen -f ~/.ssh/id_rsa -q -P ""cat ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub… 301 more words

The Enterprise needs Web-Scale Scalability

Data centers of all sizes are investigating Web-Scale architectures to see if they will meet their needs. In our recent webinar, “Web-scale vs. Enterprise IT… 525 more words


What is the cost of Application Downtime?

During a recent Storage Swiss webinar, “Designing Cloud Backup To Reduce DR Downtime”, we asked the audience, “If Your Computer Room Was Flooded, How Long Would You Be Down?” Nearly half the respondents stated that they didn’t know how long they would be down for. 333 more words


Making a backup of all your logged data on the Realize Language site

Each time you upload a new data log file to an individual’s Realize Language™ account, the system adds it to all the data already uploaded. In fact, every individual on the server has something called a… 119 more words