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Documenting Online Posts

The Cabin Bo™ sez—I’ve got a copy of the original as well. Not only that, WordPress.com maintains backups of previous versions of a post. So it will be very easy to spot any alterations made by someone with a history of forgery.



A depth chart is an important visual of who is on the team. It’s an organizational chart that shows who can cover a position for a teammate in the case of an absence or injury. 51 more words


Computer Security - Are You Secure?

The Internet has empowered us to shift our personal lives online; banking, gaming, even dating and socialising. Unfortunately, this reliance on the electronic world has introduced an element of potential exploitation. 930 more words

backup to warm-swapable disk

#physically insert disk
# on this next line the hostN number may be different
echo “- – -” > /sys/class/scsi_host/host5/scan
mount /dev/sdc1 /mnt
rsync -aHxv /boot /mnt… 41 more words

Lessons Learned from the Death of CodeSpaces

For several years, I had been a customer of CodeSpaces, a popular host for Subversion source control repositories.  (If you’re not a techie – Subversion is a server application used to manage program code, allowing collaboration between teams of programmers.)  I used CodeSpaces to host the code repositories for many of my consulting clients, until… 1,029 more words


Return of the Ransomware

Return of the Ransomware has begun. CryptoLocker has sprung up a botnet of servers to spread the virus, but were soon seized by the FBI after a few hundred thousand English speaking users were infected. 244 more words

MS-OneDrive “Get link” incompatible with MS-Word “Always create backup copy”, use MS-OneDrive versioning instead

  1. Symptoms:
    1. If I edit my local MS-OneDrive copy with MS-Word, my collaborators lose access to the most recent copy via the link I shared with them.
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