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Backup Solutions

I seem to face this problem every couple of years. How does one do a reliable and secure backup? I’ve been using the same system for quite a few years now and it’s basic but it worked. 258 more words


Backups for Writers: Cloud Storage

This is the last of the series to deal with what we might call background information. Thus far, while I hope it has been useful in and of itself, the series has been all set-up. 716 more words


Backups?! We don't need no stinkin backups

A few stories have been floating around on Facebook about a small AM station in Louisiana that was off the air due to Ransomware.The reasons why they chose to have their on-air system connected to the internet is another matter altogether that would cause me to cuss and swear repeatedly. 125 more words


Back to the Backup

We all know I’m addicted to photography and try to get out once or twice a week to get my fix. Well, unfortunately a very close family member of mine is very ill and needs around the clock supervision for a while which is going to put a lid on my weekend outings :( 734 more words

Backups for Writers: Local Storage - Offline Media

This might be a topic which you have not thought about much; even if you are someone who does regular backups which cover most of the previous methods. 1,564 more words


SQL Server Database Management Crib Sheet

I thought I’d share my crib sheet on SQL Server Database Management. I will expand of some of the recommendations at a later date.

Data and Log File Management… 593 more words

From the seasoned one

What tools do you use when you write?

As I’ve learned to write, I’ve spent a lot of time, and a little bit of money, finding tools that help make the process easier.  1,553 more words