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SQL Agent Powershell Job to Check SharePoint Farm Backups complete properly with Thrown Error and Email Notification

SQL Agent BackupFilesCheck Job

$ErrorActionPreference = "Stop"
if ((ls "M:\spbackup\farm\") -eq $null)
    $smtp = New-Object Net.Mail.SmtpClient("smtp.mydomain.com")
    $objMailMessage = New-Object System.Net.Mail.MailMessage
    $objMailMessage.From = "sqlsp@mydomain.com" … 233 more words


Hello boys... I'm baaaack!

It has been a while, but I wanted to tell the world that I am back!

Just when I thought I could get away with being an “all Apple” guy I got hit with an issue that made me thankful for having been conscious of being a platform agnostic technologist. 754 more words


bak Development Cycle: Analysis


I’m currently working through Python Programming: An Introduction to Computer Science by John Zelle. According to Zelle, you should go through six stages when you write a program: 422 more words


Backups - Make sure you have a good strategy

How many times have I heard the statement “Oh bugger, we have lost some data, where’s the backups” followed by “Don’t know, Who’s responsibility is it for the backups”. 531 more words


backup, baby

So over at Mel’s, every Friday, she tells us to back up our blogs. And I always do it.

I have a great many blog backups in the archives on my computer. 349 more words


All About That I-5 Oil Spill On Monday....

I got on-line this morning to follow the terrible details of this morning’s oil wreck-crash on I-5 Southbound this morning. I also have the WSDOT traffic app – that way I do not ever have to listen to a traffic report. 149 more words