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Garden's a Growin'

Well, the height of the garden season is happening now and things are looking better…finally.

There were a few setbacks this year to make growing vegetables an adventure. 478 more words


Backyard garden update August 2014

The straw bale garden is going even better than I had hoped. Everything is growing nicely with minimal care, pretty much just daily watering. The weather has been really hot and dry. 275 more words

Gold Bar


Lawnmowers are heavy. We don’t know how heavy, since we have been working out a lot and can’t tell, but heavy enough to make them inconvenient to lift off the ground. 107 more words



If you aren’t feeling up to the work-out of pulling weeds with your muscles, we turn to our handy spray bottle. Since our goal is to always stay cool and organic, our reusable spray bottle is filled with 20% vinegar, which you can get at garden stores, or… 230 more words


Garden Project: Potager garden (hedge idea)

I’m in love with french potager gardens. So I’m sort of developing a small one in a corner of the yard. Sure I could have made more efficient use of the space permaculture style but I just love the formal cottage garden look of the kitchen potager, its space for both food and people. 469 more words


Garden Project: Pile of dirt... what to do?

So recently I purchased a property and like any new thing undertaken I’ve been discovering all the hidden things (cough buried stumps and disguised leaks and things like that.) Down the back was a tarp with what looked like maybe a compost pile under it… but no, no luck, it was very fine silty dirt – almost dust. 716 more words

Paper? or plastic?

During the winter I became interested in a planting technique used to stimulate plants to grow  extensive root systems. The benefits of this technique translate into stronger plants that are better able to utilize the nutrients in the soil they live in.  592 more words

Vegetable Garden