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Yard Work

When I write a to-do list, “yard work” is always on it somewhere, but unfortunately doesn’t get done often enough and just when I think I’m beginning to make the slightest dent in the weeds and overgrowth…it rains and everything grows back again. 483 more words


You want me to do what with that zucchini?

Mid summer  brings unyielding heat, fireflies, and more zucchini that most people can handle. Yes these plants are a fantastic morale booster to any gardener, they give and they give and they give.  380 more words

Vegetable Garden

Oops Wicking Bed ( And Self Watering Container) Mistakes and Fixes

I need to ask your forgiveness. I followed some very bad advice in my container garden this year, and worse, I passed on the information before I tested it. 531 more words

Vegetable Gardening

Rainy Days And Mondays

I stand guilty! I’ve neglected this blog for quite sometime now and to make up for it, I just re-blog some of my posts from my main blog from time to time. 171 more words

Flowers And Blooms

Backyard Gardening

I love my garden….I really, really, really, love it.  It’s probably right on up there with my love for fabric, sewing, and embroidery, and if you know me very well, you know that’s a BIG statement.  950 more words

Piles of Peppers

I’m trying to catch up with my 2014 garden notes so I have to take a break from watching my monarch caterpillars for a moment, which is not as easy as it sounds. 853 more words


Hello Blog! Hello Summer Garden!

Wow, time flies! We haven’t written since spring!  We have been enjoying the summer and all the season brings to our Florida backyard! Sunflowers, tomatoes, and elderberries have been the highlight of our gardening efforts. 47 more words

Sustainable Gardening