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The Things I'll Miss: The Back Gate

My dad built the back gate from slats of the crumbling sixty-year-oldĀ fence. The latch is always a problem, sinking out of alignment as the house settles tiredly under its years. 110 more words


A Week of Photos

I actually managed to get some photos of the Barnevelder. For the most part I leave her alone because, as you can see from that side-eye she’s giving me, she doesn’t like when I even look at her for too long. 217 more words

His Bark is Worse than his Bite

CCTV footage captures moment a would-be burglar is chased out of a backyard by the owners guard dog


Death of a Dove

It had been quite a while since I last used the window cleaning tools to reach those on the second floor. Maybe I would get around to it soon. 191 more words


Become a Stranger in Your Own Town

At lot of times we get this idea that travel and adventureĀ have to be somewhere away from home. However, one of the best places to start your adventurous lifestyle is right in your own town or city. 459 more words