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The Pop Inn - A Bacon Cob please

Today we had a Bacon Cob at The Pop Inn. There are mornings and moment when I cannot resist the call of a bacon roll, a bacon bap, or a bacon cob. 429 more words

1. The Nottingham Tram Stop Food Hunt Project

Minimalist Dough for January

January can be an austere month, a time for cutting back and reassessing in order to enable new growth to burst forth, unencumbered in the Spring. 645 more words


Day 11: Sunday

Today saw the first real test of my resolve: it was a hangover day.

The one thing I craved today, above all else, was bacon. Dear lord, if there is one thing a hangover needs, it is feeding, preferably with something’s flesh. 497 more words


Tap Coffee - Rathbone Place

No name on the outside of this place, and as I cannot count I nearly ended up in a much less interesting looking place! Fortunately Alice (niece) is more intelligent, it was her choice and she chose well. 254 more words

Coffee Shop

Angus & Mitchell Talk Pork

There can be no denying that we Brits are renowned for surviving on an array of uninspiring classics, The Sunday Roast, Fish and Chips, a Full English, Chicken Tikka Masala? 825 more words

Bacon Cure

Eating a bacon
sandwich helps
to speed up
recovery from
an hangover

Well, I believe there is a reason sandwich is cool in the morning…

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Cool Facts

There's more to this than meets the eye.............

Question of the day – what would you like for Lunch?
I’m absolutely chockers with the amount of food I’ve eaten this past few days so something light please. 262 more words

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