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Six Breakfast Miseries and their Fixes

Uneven, splattery bacon. Like everyone else in the world, bacon is my favorite food. But cooking it has almost always been problematic. The pan is round, but the slices are long, so they don’t all fit. 654 more words

Good Food

Breakfast Time…for A Gent on The GO!


What a fantastic way to present 2 loves of mine, bacon and pancakes. Here you have the best of both worlds all in one.  You can have these for breakfast or an appetizer for your date that’s coming over or who stayed over last night. 202 more words

Singles Person Dinner


Some folks say their hard boiled eggs are hard to peel or their yolks are never set or the whites are tough. Most likely they’ve violated the cardinal rule of cooking: “Everything has its own time and temperature.” Cornie’s corollary to this rule is “You can’t hurry good food.” 346 more words

Bacon: A Short Story

She wasn’t sure how she’d cope, after he was gone. It wasn’t just that he was gone after all, but the circumstances! They’d joked for years about the apocalypse – everyone had, hadn’t they? 525 more words

After drinking breakfast is...


There is bacon underneath all that scrambled egg!


Bakin' Bacon

Trying out the Bacon Method for the first time with some thick cut bacon from Jack’s Fruit & Meat Market.

Nick Momrik

Pasta with courgettes, creme fraiche and bacon recipe


  1. 14 streaky bacon rashers
  2. 2 large courgettes, coarsely grated
  3. Finely grated zest of 1 lemon
  4. 250ml tub crème fraîche
  5. 500g brown pasta
  6. Cheddar cheese, to serve (optional)
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