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Georgetown Student Died of Bacterial Meningitis

WASHINGTON — A Georgetown student who died after contracting meningitis had the most serious form of the infection.

In a letter to parents, students and staff sent late Thursday, the university says that sophomore Andrea Jaime died of bacterial meningitis on Tuesday. 151 more words


Wash Year for My White Uniform

._,. Felt relieved for the check up. It’s ok to have headaches as long as no signs of fever, blurredness of vision, and nerve deficit. 41 more words

Not Again...

My head aches again! I don’t want to spend another day or month in that 4 cornered wall..please Lord.

Grateful Day

From Gresa:

To all my friends who helped me when I needed your financial help and prayers, thank you so much for your kind heart and generosity. 86 more words

Fight the Good Fight of Faith

From Gladie Gladz:


…is something to brag about. Your goodness God! All for Your glory :) We’re happy to see her smile..

For everyone, on and off cam, for the love and prayers.  17 more words

Becoming Strong

Post from my Aunt Gresa:

I miss and hope to see you smile this way..

When I saw you last night, I know how strong you are. 87 more words

Prelude of My Journey

Post by Don Mac Adam on Facebook last August 2013:

Shearim, stricken with bacterial meningitis. Here in the earliest days after being admitted. A week after this photo was taken she was comatose and near death. 16 more words