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Profiled at the fish store

So yesterday I got profiled by a business. I felt like I was in a sting.

I wasn’t feeling good and left my leather jacket on and my sunglasses when I walked into a store. 421 more words

15- The Starving Games


The Spoof film “The Starving Games”(2013) ruins our day, so we ruin The Hunger Games franchise by spoiling the movies. We analyze the subtleties between a parody and a reference, Play O&A, & wonder just how many things we need to go to therapy for.

New episode from WWYMT

Forrest Gump Sweding Exercise 01.10.14

As part of our first module Professional Practice 1 we were set the challenge in our production groups to swede any film of our choice in under three hours. 560 more words

Professional Practice

Job hunting part 7

I don’t usually drink on Monday mornings, but when I do I tend to have Irish Coffee. On February 3rd, 2008 I was pretty well tanked. 1,226 more words



Writing note for Sunday 26th October 2014

I like so much a writing today – when I was driving, all of the ideas popped out so quickly without a clear thinking, I got to see a recall of pieces of life in the all livings I passed by just now. 625 more words