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The Scariest Thing I Ever Saw

Not too long ago, I wrote a little spiel here covering the topic of fear. Specifically, I discussed what makes the depiction of fear in media effective, and how it has been used improperly over the years. 776 more words

What Are Some of the Telltale Signs of a Bad Actor?

This question originally appeared on Quora.

By Marcus Geduld, Artistic Director, Folding Chair Classical Theatre, NYC

I’m a theatre director, and I’ll list the traits I think of as bad, though “bad acting” is subjective. 1,412 more words

Drama Club

Bad acting

Sometimes when I watch a movie that is badly acted I wonder if the director was totally satisfied with the actor’s performance and that was exactly what he wanted or he just gave up asking for more takes and made what was essentially the best of a bad situation.

The 100th Episode Filled with Nothing

Snark here. As always, my comments will be in blue and Bitch will leave her wisdom in the standard black. Enjoy, little critics.

Ezra and Aria are walking the streets, because they have a secret relationship. 2,001 more words

When My Son Went to the Pool and I went to Costco: Father and Son Hit Up Jersey, Day 3

To say that my son loves splashing around in a pool is an understatement.  He probably enjoys it more than Hillary Swank enjoys bad acting (she does so much of it).   541 more words


And the Award for Best Actor Goes to.... not this man!

Apparently this mans sons has been missing for 11 days and while on the Nancy Grace show he discovers that his son was found alive in his own basement! 209 more words