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15- The Starving Games


The Spoof film “The Starving Games”(2013) ruins our day, so we ruin The Hunger Games franchise by spoiling the movies. We analyze the subtleties between a parody and a reference, Play O&A, & wonder just how many things we need to go to therapy for.

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Forrest Gump Sweding Exercise 01.10.14

As part of our first module Professional Practice 1 we were set the challenge in our production groups to swede any film of our choice in under three hours. 560 more words

Professional Practice

Job hunting part 7

I don’t usually drink on Monday mornings, but when I do I tend to have Irish Coffee. On February 3rd, 2008 I was pretty well tanked. 1,226 more words



Writing note for Sunday 26th October 2014

I like so much a writing today – when I was driving, all of the ideas popped out so quickly without a clear thinking, I got to see a recall of pieces of life in the all livings I passed by just now. 625 more words


What the Eph?

Hey look, Ma! A blog that doesn’t revolve around loneliness and vibrators! Oh don’t worry. That’s still on tap.

Let’s discuss “The Strain”:

The three book series by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan was –if not THE scariest—certainly ‘up there’ in terms of scare factor—stories I have ever read. 942 more words

Titanic's Alternate Ending Is Sad, But Not THAT Type Of Sad

We all know how Titanic ends. No not the boat sinking, well yes that happens. I’m talking about the ending:

We Bet You Didn't Know There Was An Alternate Ending To Titanic…

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