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The 100th Episode Filled with Nothing

Snark here. As always, my comments will be in blue and Bitch will leave her wisdom in the standard black. Enjoy, little critics.

Ezra and Aria are walking the streets, because they have a secret relationship. 2,001 more words

When My Son Went to the Pool and I went to Costco: Father and Son Hit Up Jersey, Day 3

To say that my son loves splashing around in a pool is an understatement.  He probably enjoys it more than Hillary Swank enjoys bad acting (she does so much of it).   541 more words


And the Award for Best Actor Goes to.... not this man!

Apparently this mans sons has been missing for 11 days and while on the Nancy Grace show he discovers that his son was found alive in his own basement! 209 more words

Raising Hell: A Look At The Hellraiser Series Part 3

Hellraiser 3: Hell On Earth marks the first film to step away from Kristy (although she is seen in a tape recording). The weird demon pillar of flesh that arose in the end of the second film is now stone and club owner J.P. 830 more words


Elvis vs Seagal

Am I the only one to notice the parallels in the lives of these two celebrities? Let’s quickly compare Elvis Presley and Steven Seagal. Here we go. 293 more words


Scanners: Hunting for Telepaths

“Scanners” is one of the earliest works of Cronenberg and for me, was an introduction to his work. I’ve heard about “The Fly,” “Cosmopolis” and “A History of Violence,” but haven’t seen any of them. 673 more words