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Tips for Managing an Attention Seeking Child: A Character Case Study of No, David!

My two year old son’s favorite bedtime stories this summer are from the No, David! series by David Shannon. David is the rambunctious main character in the set whose interests are primarily of the ultra-naughty variety. 879 more words


"Hey, You Look Like A Street Walker!" - 3 Tips For the Drive-By Bully

Last Saturday night, I went to a friend’s birthday at Golden Road Brewery. I tried the dark Hudson Porter (delicious), mustered up the courage to talk to new people (aaaah), and had a good night. 445 more words

Live + Breathe

SO Rude (part 1)

I’m a New Yorker, born and raised. I LOVE my home town and am extremely proud of my roots. No matter how far I stray, I’ll always come home. 479 more words


Human versus psychopath

This is something very interesting to examine. I just want to pick out something everyone knows and very it is very useful to rethink it. 407 more words

Light & Darkness

It has been zero days since the last sexist incident in tech

Obie Fernandez is the author of The Rails Way, the editor of Addison-Wesley’s Professional Ruby Series, and a co-founder and CTO of Javelin, a startup that builds “tools and services to help you change your world”. 775 more words

Bad Behavior - Andy gets down and dirty with Mary Gaitskill

“Hate” may be too strong a word for Netty’s reaction to these stories. “Contempt” probably isn’t. She certainly didn’t like them, did she? I didn’t like them so much I’ve already ordered in Gaitskill’s other two collections of stories (she is not widely available in Australia). 866 more words

Reading Challenge 2014

Relationship Advice: When it Comes to Love, Are You Settling?

The 5 Signs That Indicate You May Be Settling

If you’re contemplating staying in a relationship, even though you know it just isn’t right for you, you’re settling. 230 more words