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SO Rude (part 1)

I’m a New Yorker, born and raised. I LOVE my home town and am extremely proud of my roots. No matter how far I stray, I’ll always come home. 479 more words


Human versus psychopath

This is something very interesting to examine. I just want to pick out something everyone knows and very it is very useful to rethink it. 407 more words

Light & Darkness

It has been zero days since the last sexist incident in tech

Obie Fernandez is the author of The Rails Way, the editor of Addison-Wesley’s Professional Ruby Series, and a co-founder and CTO of Javelin, a startup that builds “tools and services to help you change your world”. 775 more words

Bad Behavior - Andy gets down and dirty with Mary Gaitskill

“Hate” may be too strong a word for Netty’s reaction to these stories. “Contempt” probably isn’t. She certainly didn’t like them, did she? I didn’t like them so much I’ve already ordered in Gaitskill’s other two collections of stories (she is not widely available in Australia). 866 more words

Reading Challenge 2014

Relationship Advice: When it Comes to Love, Are You Settling?

The 5 Signs That Indicate You May Be Settling

If you’re contemplating staying in a relationship, even though you know it just isn’t right for you, you’re settling. 230 more words


False Pretenses

Recently, a “fundraiser” was held at the Rebekah Hall to raise money for the owner of the property, Jon Welch (and Erin Schopfer).  The event was organized by a well-meaning friend with full support from Jon Welch, in order to help Jon pay for the new roof. 295 more words

Bad Behavior


Bear River has a new poet laureate.  Unfortunately, it is someone who doesn’t have the guts to sign his name.

Recently this anonymous literati posted a poem, about a certain person they did not like, on the bulletin board of the Cherry Brook Grocery. 260 more words

Bad Behavior