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Forget the nonsense Size does matter (NSFW)

Okay so I was watching an episode of the show The New Girl and it was called Micro as in MicroPenis.

Now the episode was funny as hell but this was the first time I had heard about this as a medical condition. 1,046 more words

Are YOU as Cyber-Secure as You Should Be? Some Video Tips

Identity theft and loss of privacy are BIG issues. In this video, we point out several “scary” aspects of cyber security as well as offer several tips. 14 more words

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For Holiday 2014: Will Shippers Be Able to Avoid Last Year's Problems?

In January, we wrote a post title “Lessons from the Holiday 2013 Hacking and Shipping Fiasco.” That post dealt with the shipping delays by UPS and FedEx so that some shoppers did not get their presents delivered until after Christmas 2013. 346 more words
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“Why is it so hard to be a star, but so easy to be a brat?” — Sutton Bristol, age 13

This popped out of Sutzie’s sweet ‘lil mouth this afternoon.

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shooting range that refuses to cater to Muslims...

Rights group asks for probe into shooting range that refuses to cater to Muslims


Okay, this one is rather long-winded, but I have to say it…all of it! 2,348 more words


When yo friends ain't your friends no mo.....(sic)

So like I keep my circle small but I have had several conversations about why that is. I could meet a girl tomorrow and she will claim I’m her best friend. 471 more words