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I derive a lot of pleasure from parents behaving as badly as their kids. But what I love even more, is the look of utter confusion those parents will, seconds later, give their children because they can’t understand how they learned to behave so badly.


Justin Bieber is “Ready to Make Changes in his Life,” Source says

Justin Bieber is not the same person he was several months ago.

A source close JB reveals to E! News that after a whirlwind stretch, Justin is “ready to make some changes in his life.” 239 more words


When you're not here to create an encyclopedia, your Wikipedia statistics show it

I’ve been promising for a while to follow up on the Rupert Sheldrake Wikipedia controversy that exploded in the press and the blogs last fall. (I’ve previously… 2,623 more words


Coachella: New Rules (apologies to Bill Maher)

Just back from the experience that is Coachella (my first visit since it has gone to the two weekend format – I think weekend 1 is probably best, if for no other reason than being 1st.) And it was…. 585 more words



Don’t be timely and you will irritate a human. Waste a human’s time by showing up late or making someone wait on you and by talking about personal problems or random things almost no one cares about and you will irritate a human. 222 more words

Common Sense

Bad Behavior

We all know someone that we don’t like to deal with because they have learned that it’s OK to take their bad days/moods/experiences out on other people. 1,669 more words

Art Education

Maybe It's the Pants

It’s the beginning of the cycling season for me, and as usual, I’m anxious to get outside to see the burgeoning blooms of Spring.  I am a warm weather person through and through, which is why I can’t ride if the temperature is below 70 degrees. 861 more words