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When Copy Editors Attack (part two)

I’m still thinking about this issue of how copy editors behave and how this affects how we are perceived by writers (and others), our relationships with writers, and how successfully we do our work. 1,344 more words

Boy, can we clear a dog park!

There is nothing more embarrassing then your dog behaving badly.

For the most part Kinley’s behavior is pretty consistent. She was an angel this past weekend at the large dog park. 59 more words


I Know She's Cute, But She's a Wuss

So I have two red-merle Australian Shepherds now, Harvey and Spendy.  Harvey is my oldest adult live-in relationship, I have had since since August 2001.  I honestly don’t remember my adulthood without Harvey.   393 more words

Lessons Learned

Confronting Lying and Encouraging Honesty

Everyone – adults and children alike – has lied at some point in their life. And even though we have all done it, that does not make it right. 613 more words


Facebook Phenonemon Part 2

Okay for some reason people seem to think it’s okay to post a bunch of personal shit and then complain about people judging them on it. 479 more words

Killers Get Second Chances?

Although the Texas Legislature took the initiative to change the laws regarding parole in 1996, we still have convicted killers being released to live in our neighborhoods. 541 more words


Totally Random Vol. 6

okay sooo….

I have had a couple of weird comments about my blogs. I have no idea why not that many people will comment on the actual blog site but whatever….. 334 more words