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Today I am more scattered than usual. Yesterday was equally difficult. What changed? My allergy medicine. My lungs are less than clear, and with Valentine’s Day (my absolute worst time of year, allergy-wise) approaching, I have a short amount of time to over-compensate to stave-off bronchitis, or worse, pneumonia, so, I am trying Singulair. 644 more words

Just Letting You Know . . .

In context of myriad NFL controversies, remembering the classy Ernie Banks.

Ernest “Ernie” Banks (January 31, 1931 – January 23, 2015)

Below are two posts I wrote on Facebook, a day apart:

I grew up in the shadow of Wrigley Field in Chicago, which at the time was a very sketchy neighborhood.

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Bad Behavior

New Wall of Shame member, Representative Don Young (R-Alaska)

In a cringe-worthy act of pettiness so pathetic that you probably haven’t seen anything like it since, well, 4th grade, Rep. Don Young (R-Alaska) has introduced Bill H.R. 332 more words

Bad Behavior

Quickie #7 (Y'all nasty)

A little while back I wrote about the great Sexual Drought of 2014-15.  I promised an update and I had yet to give one. I have had a lot of messages about whether or not I have had sex and if I had given in to my dark whims. 46 more words

Shit Happens, But Can You Prevent Some of It?

Deciding if you are setting yourself up for disaster.
Victim of circumstance or victim by design?

Mike lost his second-biggest account three months ago. Several weeks later, his 17-year-old son was involved in a serious car accident which resulted in two surgeries, a three-week stay in the hospital, and ongoing physical therapy. 524 more words

Doris Wild Helmering

Bad behavior in my neighborhood

I don’t think that cigarette is helping his look or his biking. I miss this corner.


Please don't feed the bigot

I was doing errands today and happened to catch Thom Hartmann’s show on satellite radio. Hartmann mentioned an absolutely horrible story currently unfolding here in Kentucky.  616 more words

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