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The Almost Maybe Never Surefire Way to Get What You Want

Whenever Peanut and Bird don’t get their way, they stomp around and yell they hate us aka me, and then slam their bedroom doors. Then, after a few minutes they open the door to shout how unfair I am, remind me they still hate me from two seconds ago, and slam their door again. 76 more words


What about your friends?

So this happened….

A friend of mine told me he and his wife were expecting a baby. I’m all happy trying to fight my own baby fever so I ask how far along she is. 157 more words


Scold: v. to communicate punishment for a bad and/or wrong behavior(s) frequently with anger and/or being judgmental and sometimes with threats of punishment

Many parents frequently scold offspring. 326 more words

Common Sense

Does bad behavior really hurt business?

NEW YORK (AP) — Silicon Valley seems to have more than its share of companies behaving badly. Among up-and-comers in the tech world, privacy abuses and executive gaffes have become viral sensations. 748 more words

National / World

Racism is still a thing

So earlier this week I shared a story about a Missouri female football team playing in black face on my personal Facebook page. Mainly, I shared it because the people involved trying to say it was an innocent mistake. 549 more words

#DirtBags: How Jerk Drivers Can Get You in Trouble

What I learned from Subchapter J, Section 547.501 of the Texas Transportation Code, and my problem with it. Jerks can get you in trouble. #Dirtbags


Inaction is Tacit Approval: Why I Deleted My Uber Account

I cancelled my Uber account – not just by deleting their app from my phone but also going through the painful, hard to find process of requesting that they remove my account completely (more about that in a moment). 1,186 more words