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CPS and Acting out at Mommy's House

So, again been a while since I posted. I kinda only post when I need to vent. Sorry if you are looking for something happy and cheery about having a step-child, I will say when I don’t post it is going pretty good. 627 more words

Being an Ally among Assholes


There is surprisingly little written on the subject, and I won’t quite do this justice, but I will attempt to muddle through, with some anecdotes, some commentary, and some action ideas. 1,640 more words

4-23-13: "BE BAD EVERY NOW AND THEN (Conscience)" (© KPKeelan)


I think it’s good

every now and again

to be bad.

Rarely, mind you.

It’s not a good habit to have.

If we don’t, in our lives… 160 more words

Kevin Keelan

The Hugo Ballot is Out!

The finalists for the 2014 Hugo Awards were announced over the weekend, and gee golly are there some exciting works on that slate. I’m especially excited to see Mary Robinette Kowal’s “ 523 more words

Take arms against a sea of links, and by spamming, end them (18 April 2014)


I derive a lot of pleasure from parents behaving as badly as their kids. But what I love even more, is the look of utter confusion those parents will, seconds later, give their children because they can’t understand how they learned to behave so badly.


Justin Bieber is “Ready to Make Changes in his Life,” Source says

Justin Bieber is not the same person he was several months ago.

A source close JB reveals to E! News that after a whirlwind stretch, Justin is “ready to make some changes in his life.” 239 more words