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Why sometimes Good Girls still stay with Assholes

**In response to “Why sometimes Good Guys end up with Bitches”

It is plainly obvious. Good girls still stay and/or end up with bad guys because they are simply good and kind. 554 more words


FREE book - ARC needs reviewers!

Anyone want a free ebook? Neverland Academy is finally finished and I’m looking for readers who would like an advanced copy for review. The official publication date is set for October 3rd. 297 more words


Damages from an Emotional Hurricane

For as long as I can remember I have the knack of picking that ONE guy that no one else likes. Let me rephrase that. I have the knack for picking that one, that none of… 1,012 more words


It's OK To Break Up With The "Nice Guy"

I’ve been reading a bunch of articles lately about a supposed ideal breed of man—the “nice guy.”

This is the guy who genuinely cares about you, loves you, and is a decent human being. 630 more words

7 Terrible Habits That Girls (Unfortunately) Find Sexy

Society, doctors and common sense all say these are bad behaviors, but they may still get you the ladies.

Check out Tess Barker’s humorous read… 6 more words


MRAs and #GamerGaters: Maybe you're the baddies?

A little realization hit me while I was watching videos about #GamerGate recently. MRAs and #GamerGaters really seem to enjoy depicting themselves as cartoon villains. Above, the skull-in-a-Koolaid-pitcher mascot of MRA videoblogger Bane666au. 221 more words


The Return of The Joker... This is the absolute truth. Seriously. He honestly did this.

In my last post I talked about The Joker.  Let me describe him to you.  Tall, mid-twenties, a grin that could make any woman trip over her own feet.   1,167 more words