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Not just a pretty face - Uchika Itachi in Naruto

Can something this pretty really be evil?

Itachi isn’t the standard bad antagonist, evil genius or psycho. But he´s a genius, and the most good-looking guy in all of Naruto, imho. 704 more words

Bad Boys

Oh my bad boys..How I love you...XXX

Fuck this relationship bullshit.  Bad boys are more fun.  Met a new one online last night and we’ve been texting.  I must have “I will send you a sexy photo” tattooed in invisible ink on my forehead because a man will ask me E-V-E-R-Y-T-I-M-E right after getting my number.   241 more words

What Is The One Trope I Love To Hate?

Back in April I wrote a post about the use of tropes in fiction, and how they don’t have to be a negative. Having made the case that any trope can be used successfully with strong writing and characterisation, there is one trope that I really dislike regardless. 607 more words


Bad Boys 3 In Production!! | !!فلم باد بويز ٣ قيد الانتاج

اعلن الممثل مارتن لورنس في برنامج كونان اوبراين انه الفلم Bad Boys الجزء الثالث قيد الإنشاء. و جميع محبين هذه السلسلة (انا منهم) متشوقين و كانوا يريدون ثلاثية لهذا الإسم الرائع و هي الآن قيد التنفيذ. 79 more words

Who wants a bad boy?

British singer Alexandra Burke (below) famously sung about them, admitting “even though I know they’re no good for me, it’s the risk I take for the chemistry.” And according to a popular dating coach, bad boys really are all the rage. 286 more words

Why you should never, EVER date a bad boy again...reformed or not

Bad boys are still bad.  They do not change.  Especially if they are in their late 30’s, 40’s or older.  I haven’t been one that’s prone to dating bad boys.  805 more words



Llevamos un tiempo escuchando hablar de “Bad Boys 3″, pero nunca pasa nada. Aunque en una nueva entrevista, Martin Lawrence ha revelado que se acaba de reunir con el productor Jerry Bruckheimer para hablar sobre el proyecto. 91 more words