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The "Bad Boy Attraction" Explained

Why is that women are often attracted to “bad boys”, or men who are of questionable behavior, or who might disrespect them or treat them badly? 135 more words


Mr. Sweet (Nothings)

I often write things down as they are happening hoping to use them right then and there, but for reasons I am unable to post them. 2,041 more words


Do Women Prefer Bad Boys?

A post by a fellow male blogger on women and bad boys has me thinking, do women really prefer bad boys? And if so, why? 642 more words

Red Pill

Behind the Turtle Mask; or the Story of the Complicated One

Instead of writing metaphorically with turtles and voices, I’ve decided to put down on (proverbial) paper a little more of what happened between The Complicated One (CO) and I, and how it blew up into what actually sort of scared me for a moment or two. 1,439 more words


Why I became a bad boy.

I was once a nice guy who used to run a retail computer repair store. Turns out that nice guys are a terrible businessmen, as I found out in a particularly rude manner. 1,650 more words

"Why Am I So Bad At Being Good?": On Bad Boys (And Girls)

SURPRISE SATURDAY POST! So, yeah, I have a confession to make … *deep breath* I really like bad boy characters. I also really like bad girl characters, though “bad” in this case means different things- I’ll get to that too, so don’t worry. 2,175 more words


Do girls really think bad boys are sexy?


Girls don’t ‘think’ anything when it comes to a bad boy type. I used to think that the alpha male was unanimously more desired because of his personality and all of the other things that supported that idea, i.e. 707 more words

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