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Bad Boys 3 gets THE GREEN LIGHT!

The day that was finally get Bad Boys 3 will be a victory. Can't watch the other two and not thing of how great it'll be.

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Bad Boys

5 Reasons Why Being A Nice Girl Blows

Yeah, I am that girl…the one who is overly friendly, will find humor in most of the jokes you tell, will feel guilty refusing to do you a favor, and will probably never confront you if you hurt my feelings. 1,102 more words

Ballad of the Trouble Kid.

I am the one that rises the hairs on the back of your neck and make you scratch your head in disbelieve,

I am the one that causes you hard ache and headaches that have your mind in a quandary when you think. 170 more words

A Crazy Story

Even in your wildest dreams, her voice will still rule...

Hayley Solano, has of course, done it again. As if covering Taylor Swift wasn’t enough to make you think she has great style, she goes ahead and covers one of Taylor’s absolutely amazing songs, with beauty. 48 more words


Charles Manson, dating coach?

So the Associated Press is reporting that Charles Manson, everyone’s favorite orchestrator of mass murder, is planning to marry. His future bride is a 26-year-old groupie who’s been trying to convince the world for nine years that Charlie is innocent. 168 more words


Meet Your Inner Hamster

There’s a saying in the red pill world for what happens when someone lets their mind rationalize taking actions they know they shouldn’t — listening to the hamster. 864 more words

Red Pill

TAG: Ficiton Characters I'd Totally Fall In Love With

So in this Tag I’m giving some Movie/ TV show characters I’d fall in love with and the reasons why. I’m sure some will say that I have a thing for the bad boys, and I do. 555 more words