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An Open Letter To The Nice Customers At Work

Dear You,

Yes, you. The one who is waiting there in line behind the counter. The one I’ve been apologizing to for a good ten minutes because we are hopelessly understaffed today and I have to finish a long sale. 444 more words

I Don't Do Auditions

Today, I was reminded of a call I received from a new potential client (I now lump her into the “Hollywood Director” category) when I first started my cleaning business. 519 more words


Welcome! And a bit about why I'm here..

So I’ve decided to start this blog as a platform for me to basically verbal vomit my experiences with some of my customers, particularly the bad ones. 193 more words


4 Passive-Aggressive Ways Servers Get Back At Bad Customers

Let’s be honest – in an industry where being a smiling, helpful drone means money, it’s hard to keep from wanting to strangle the worst of customers. 734 more words

MomDay Monday - The Customer is (Not) Always Right

I love this piece. Matt Walsh really gets it right. And I have to remember this each time I’m faced with a customer who makes me want to poke my eyes out. 135 more words

MomDay Monday

Damn Dirty Customers

I would like to thank Walmart for being one of the more well-known businesses that keeps vocalizing the following lie: The customer is always right. Forget. 1,024 more words


A Problem Customer

Saturday I had a bad experience with a shitty customer. Got home and ended up channeling it into a story. Considering handing it in for feedback. 3,227 more words