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The Valentine from hell

Last year I bizarrely agreed to a first date on Valentine’s Day, in my defence I had completely lost track of the days that week and had no idea that it would work out to be actually on Valentine’s Day! 777 more words


I Suck At Being Single

Ok, seriously, though, I do. I suck as much as Kim Kardashian’s sex tape sucked.

I had another Tinder date about 2 weeks ago. He was Asian (there’s a first for everything). 368 more words

Guest Post: Still In Shock

A few days ago I received a request to host a guest writer.  As a relatively new blogger, I was thrilled to know that someone who had read my blog wanted to take part in it.  936 more words


9 Dates, Rated on A Disaster Scale

The day following The Mindy Project’s new season premiere, I of course recapped it with a few of my friends via G-chat. One friend, sent me this Vulture article titled “ 1,453 more words


A Series of Unfortunate Dates... #2

Meet Ironman.

I know what you’re thinking: Ironman doesn’t sound so bad.  In fact, he sounds amazing! – He must be rugged, strong, and someone I would always feel protected with, right?   653 more words