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The Funny Thing Is...

I’m done. Just like that, I am done.

I never thought in a million years I would actually decide to stop dating. Tonight’s experience has shown me that it’s not worth the time, aggravation or disappointment. 107 more words


Dog Lover - A Coffee Date That Never Was

For a long time I’ve been told I should blog about my dating experiences.  Let me first say that most people who are dating don’t really take that as a compliment, though I know our friends & family (hi Mom!) mean well. 875 more words

Bad Dates

I Would Love to Curl Your Hair!

For some that might sound like a pick up line and to some maybe even a bit erotic. But when you meet for the first time at a restaurant, his face lights up, he starts clapping and jumping up and down saying that like a giddy school girl, chances are you’ve just found your new shopping buddy, not your new boyfriend. 267 more words


From the park to the penthouse

Well it’s been an interesting week or so.

Tuesday I was supposed to have a morning coffee date with yet another Tinder dude. I showed up, he didn’t. 1,469 more words


Meter Maid

His name was Peter and we were meeting for drinks at 7 just a few blocks from my apartment, he’s done with work at 3 and if I leave work on time, a rarity, I can too. 1,522 more words


Really, No Hard Feelings

There are very few guys that I have dated that take me a while to write about, but this is one of the few. I really had to give myself some time to heal and mull over what the asshole did before I found the humor. 1,665 more words

5 Crucial First Date Mistakes

Living on a college campus for the past four years has left me in a dating desert. Actual “Hey, let’s go out on a date!” offers have been few and far between. 929 more words