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A Series of Unfortunate Dates... #2

Meet Ironman.

I know what you’re thinking: Ironman doesn’t sound so bad.  In fact, he sounds amazing! – He must be rugged, strong, and someone I would always feel protected with, right?   653 more words


You only have one chance to make a fist impression

If there is one thing we learn as children that we should always remember is that we only have one chance to make a first impression. 398 more words

When to cut the line....STRANGER DANGER PROTOCOL

Anytime embarking upon a new prospect or potential relationship, one should always recognize the rules of stranger danger and red flags. If we could only follow these standards, we would save ourselves from a lot of heartache, repeat episodes of Sex and the City and cartons of ice cream. 573 more words


#3. The Build up

Over the next days we exchanged photos, the texts got more heated, the photos got more heated, we talked about sex, who we had had, what we liked, our fantasies, but not just that, it felt like there was a real connection, chemistry, I’m still not sure how that can be possible through texting on a phone. 137 more words

Doctor Who S08E04: Hey! Listen!

The Doctor is getting the TARDIS equivalent of cabin fever and much like any adult human (or humanoid) spending any amount of time alone, he’s been talking to himself a lot. 1,079 more words


#2. The Message


I finally bit the bullet and sent a message, not the usual “hi how are you”,  but a bit about me, telling him we should compare notes on disaster dates. 162 more words