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Another Crappy Date For The Books.

Being single has it’s disadvantages, like having to go through the dating process with guys. Between the two hours spent trying to figure out what to wear and getting ready its overly stressful. 452 more words


5 basic types of guys to avoid

Dating can be challenging, but online dating is harder yet mostly becAuse of the amount of disingenuous people out there. I can only assume the level of liars is so zorevalent because we are all just binary code, ones and zeros and not a live human being who will look you in the eyes and call bull. 453 more words


Most of my close friends know of the humor that is my love life….or lack there of. After talking with some people about my streaks of bad dates, I decided to write down the better….or should I say worse encounters. 2,024 more words


The Dos And Dont's Of Dating When Looking For Something Serious

One of my sorority sisters and good friends of mine wrote a pretty good article on Total Sorority Move about dating, tinder, and everything in-between. I wanted to share it with y’all and see if you have anything to add onto it from your own dating experiences. 1,672 more words

Southern State Of Mind

The Flight Attendant

This one was a wild card, she had pictures on her profile of her laying on a beach in a skimpy bikini, labeled 2013, yet other photos on there as well where she clearly did not have that same 2013 beach body.  624 more words


How DO you cut dates short?

I happen to get taken to dinner a lot for my dates. Pretty much after 30, if you are looking for something serious and want to get to know someone, you are going to dinner.  291 more words


Online Dating: Next Exit - Spinsterhood

Like a lot of single people, I’ve done the online dating thing. My friends love it because they get to hear all about the strange dates, emails and profiles I encounter. 1,777 more words