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Hey Boys, Here's How NOT to Get A Second Date

Since I’ve been single for forever I’ve had A LOT of time to rack up an accumulation of cringeworthy dates. You know, the kind where you vow to not date again for 6 months minimum? 2,519 more words

Insurance Reasons

I have to say, he is trying to be clever..which is kind of adorable. But grammar and punctuation are crucial and the pick up line has been over played. 32 more words

Online Dating

Spanx for Nothing

Everyone knows someone or knows someone who knows someone who has met their spouse through an online dating service. It was beautiful and magical and now they’re living happily ever after. 1,844 more words


"The Vintage Douche"

Vintage Douche: The epitome of a douche. Follows all classic douche moves. Overly confident, self involved, thinks he’s really awesome. 

So in my online dating experiences, I stumbled upon Vintage Douche. 422 more words


Slow Spring

Well boys and girls… spring is off to a slow start.

GC has all but disappeared, yet again. Not that I’m surprised though. Weirdo. My little brother went on his date – and has been on several more since then. 209 more words


Making Waffles

I recently discovered numerology and was slapped with the fact that I am a life path number 7, destined to be single forever like a lame female version of George Clooney. 534 more words

Bad Dates