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On Rough Days

I had a rough day this week. Actually a good chunk of this week was rough, but it started with a rough day.

Rough days make themselves apparent from the moment I wake up. 1,276 more words

Mental Health


As the Thanksgiving day comes to a close, I reflect.

The house was crowded. Busy, soft voices carry conversation across the room. Dinner is prepared and set for eating over the next few days. 568 more words

Heather Love

The best way to cheer yourself up after a bad day, with minimal effort

If I walk out of work like I normally do, I see something like that picture above: concrete and cars… brown and grey.

If it’s been a bad day, which sometimes it is, that view is not going to cheer me up even slightly. 320 more words


Up to my eyes with college work at the moment, feeling this fatigued day in and day out isn’t the best for training by no means. 199 more words


Finding your passion.

One thing I have learned about addition and recovery is that you need to find your passion in life. Whether it be painting, fishing, blogging, or just helping others. 223 more words

Mood Swings

Do you ever have those days where literally you go from being okay to crying for no apparent reason until you fall asleep? Yeah, I had one of those days yesterday. 307 more words

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