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Things Were Kind Of Miserable Today

Today. It started last night, actually. My sleep was interrupted with hot flashes and adrenaline surges at least once every hour. But I went to the day job like a real hero in spite of the fact that I had about three hours of sleep. 563 more words


"If God is For You..." (Where to Turn When You Have a Bad Week)

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Have you ever had a bad week? I had a tough week this week, and I’m sure that some of you did as well. 4,549 more words


WEDNESDAY. April 23, 2014

The gastrointestinal tract of asteroid flow has been blocked by excess butt dust that has traveled from galaxies light years away. This means your cat is going to snatch the doughnut you went out of your way to obtain this morning. 60 more words

Falling up the stairs

This past Monday was very strange. Little things kept happening all day that could have lead up to a total temper tantrum melt-down of the worst kind. 343 more words

Life Observations

Open Thoughts

“To teach one a lesson means to lay down your arms and let go of this
so called free will and bare what you truly are to your enemy”. 232 more words