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Bad day.

Today i woke up with hope. That soon faded. I got a text from my hairdresser cancelling on me as she needs to get her son from school. 109 more words


getting sick of this

I thought he was doing so good this week but I got called into the pre-school office. when I get called into there it kind of reminds me of my school days. 74 more words









Would you like some cheese with that whine?

I’m sitting here typing this in my comfy chair, looking at my beautiful Christmas tree, listening to the Glee Christmas songs playlist on Spotify, Mozzie at my feet cuddling up, and my stomach hurting beyond belief. 553 more words


Day 20 - Struggle to participate

Hello to all, Hello to myself,

The one thing that I have consistently observed so far about this daily writing exercise… is that I don’t feel like writing or thinking about my thoughts.   478 more words


Working on happy

Yesterday was a terrible day at work but my night ended with sashimi, matcha and great company. So going to take it as a good day overall. 38 more words


Call It What It Is

He has more nicknames than a kid named after his father and four uncles.

He doesn’t care what you call him.

He would prefer a cute nickname so he can come back soon. 88 more words