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Sometimes short stories are best?

I went to bed last night, I fell asleep, I woke up a few times but went back to bed, I got up from bed 24 hours later. 129 more words

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Nights Like These Are Why I Should Drink

Trigger Warnings – Nothing

Sorry for the late post, had one hell of a bad day. I had this glorious blog post planned but it can wait, for now I just want to scream. 485 more words


a cry for help

This is most likely going to be rambled and confusing and rubbish, but I’m writing purely because that’s how I feel.

One of my oldest friends, who hasn’t gone to uni, recently got a placement training for her dream job. 295 more words


Play through it... music that helps me on the bad days.

Earlier this month I took my first trip overseas. I spent a week in Stockholm, Sweden where I presented a research paper at an interdisciplinary conference. 1,416 more words


” Feels like your world’s crashing down and solid ground is hard to be felt. It feels like the walls are closing, and then night has fallen and the sun is gone. 132 more words


The Little Things

Bad days are the bane of my existence. Bad days turn into bad weeks and bad weeks turn into bad months, and October, my dear readers, is a bad month. 287 more words


Points of View - Issue 9

As I am writing my latest issue, I am watching a bit of the new series of the Big Bang Theory and I remember a story about the actors there wanting a huge salary for each episode, one of the highest paid in America history. 615 more words