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One Day

I had a great start to my day. 

The entire morning was great, and so was the early afternoon. 

Got a lot done and was going to do more work while all three dogs chilled at my feet out back. 221 more words


Silver Lining - I Think Not!

Some days it’s hard to find the silver lining to the cloud. Some days, all you know is it’s dark, gloomy, cold and raining. Todays been one of those days. 253 more words


The universe has a twisted sense of humor. I was intending to write about how I had to be careful, because it is so easy for me to brush off the pain I was feeling a few weeks ago now that I’m feeling better thanks to the medication. 169 more words



“Smooth roads never make good drivers, clear skies never make good pilots, problem free life never make strong persons, So do no ask life WHY ME say TRY ME.”- Unknown…

151 more words

A Day in the Life 18/8/2014

Over worked and under appreciated.

As much as I want to always tell you guys I’ve had a great day and appear this ray of sunshine who is always happy. 1,179 more words

What Is My Life?


well today I have finely had it. I have done a lovely email to housing about that woman who wont stop bugging me. last week I had cat/dog poop next to my plant pot, Friday I came home at 3:30pm before I started work and the path to my house was a right mess and the woman and her friends just looked at me arrr there was a plate in my rose bush but when I came home at 8:10pm nothing was there and on a sunday morning I no-test shes started to put her stuff in my bins again. 31 more words