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Broken record cliche..

I was thinking about how my last several posts have been about my marital issues.. how I keep repeating the same complaints and then that led to thinking about how people used to say someone who repeated themselves sounded like a broken record and how I was a broken record about these marriage problems but then I wondered if anyone who reads this is even old enough to understand the meaning behind saying someone is a broken record.. 605 more words

Brick Walls Are Great Listeners

Hey followers! I have been talking to brick walls all day. Figuratively, not literally, of course. It started out earlier today when i kept trying to tell my mom something and she just kept right on walking like she didn’t even hear me. 127 more words


Another One of THOSE Days

I did not have a good day today. I’m once again feeling hurt and mad at Hubby. The thing that is hard with depression is to tell when emotions like the ones I’m feeling are valid, or if I’m just having a hissy fit and making a mountain out of a molehill. 435 more words

Playlist of the week

Well I have had an interesting week with a definite mixture of emotions. This week has had its major ups and downs and I hope these 5 songs represent that.

Playlist of the Week


Distracted, Part 2

“HEART IS IN VEGAS!” I’m at Starbucks getting my morning coffee and Mr. Photography dude is there too (I didn’t expect to see him but since he’s there I decide I will tell him). 423 more words

For All My Readers

Hoovering my problems away

Does anyone else find cleaning as a really good relaxant? Whenever I’m angry, anxious or stressed i get the urge to wash up, mop or hoover. 74 more words